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Bad words

As an employee (“Winter Park gastropub Ravenous Pig victim of armed robbery,”, Sept. 30), I definitely find this article in poor taste. A man that I care deeply for felt that his life was threatened, and there is nothing funny about that. He pointed out a picture of his wife and baby girls to his assailant, as a plea for mercy. There was nothing funny about this incident, it was terrifying. I’m sure that between your conglomeration of stupid hipster beards you can solve this new acronym.
200lbJockey, via

I have a feeling the backlash from this is just getting underway. Orlando is too small of a town for this type of insensitive garbage to not make waves.
Callous and stupid are terms that come to mind to describe this article. Any and all outrage directed to the author and the Orlando Weakly (yeah) are well deserved. This is a life and death event that you’re kidding with. Why is this article still up?
Jeremy Hilton, via

I love Scott. Great guy to have to go through this. Awesome restaurant as well. There are a lot of bad people out there. You have to be extremely careful and definitely look over your shoulder in that kind of position that late at night. Thank God everyone is OK.
Anthony, via

Editor’s note: We also hope that everyone is OK. Neither the author of this piece, nor the editorial staff, think the crime was in any way funny, and the blog post was edited to remove phrases from the story that commenters believed were intended to make light of a frightening situation. That was never our intention. We sincerely hope that the employee, his family and the restaurant recover fully from the trauma. And we apologize if we caused them any distress.