Police bust Xbox scam and a local barfight

Orlando crime briefs

On June 13 at 1:46 a.m., at the Bachata Breeze restaurant on Curry Ford Road near Semoran, a patron identified by police as Nezar Vera Aviles got into an argument outside the club. A security guard asked him to leave or go inside; he went back in, but got into another argument 15 minutes later. Aviles was told to leave, but instead he started to argue with the security guard. The guard drew a gun, but did not point it at Aviles, who then allegedly threatened to draw a gun as well. He went to his car, retrieved an object and allegedly ran toward the security guard, who took cover and pointed his gun. The report says that Aviles then left the scene, only to be apprehended a little later by an officer at a Circle K gas station. He was arrested for aggravated assault with a firearm, and his vehicle was searched. The search did not turn up a gun, but it did turn up a collapsible baton that looked a lot like a gun when it was held horizontally.

On June 13, police announced that they arrested Sadarius Miller in connection with a series of robberies of people who responded to ads he placed on Craigslist. Miller allegedly advertised that he was selling Xboxes and related gaming equipment, the police report says, and when people showed up to purchase the items, Miller pulled out a gun and demanded money. He was apprehended after one of his customers, who met him at 5165 Innesbrook Court, told police that Miller met him at the location, told him it was his mother’s house, then robbed him at gunpoint and took $300 from him. Police later interviewed an elderly woman who lived at the residence, who told them that she was not aware of the alleged scam, but that someone had knocked on her door to ask about an Xbox for sale a week earlier. Miller was arrested for two counts of robbery with a firearm, two counts of armed kidnapping and one count of aggravated assault with a firearm.