Bar Exam: Stardust Video & Coffee

Stardust is prized by anyone looking for a quality buzz

Bar Exam: Stardust Video & Coffee
Photo by OW staff

Stardust Video & Coffee

Address/phone number:
1842 E. Winter Park Road, 407-623-3393


Beer/wine or liquor too?
Full liquor bar

Check all that apply:
( X) fancy cocktails
( ) just make ’em strong and keep ’em coming
( ) wine list (5 choices or more)
(X ) craft beer
( X) wide selection of bottles
( ) wide selection on tap

(X ) Y
( ) N
The kitchen closes around 10 p.m.

Smoking allowed?
(X ) Y
( ) N
(at outside tables)

After work or after hours?
Both, plus day drinking

Get laid or just get drunk?
Get laid

Outdoors drinking:
(X ) Y
( ) N

(X ) Y
( ) N
Sometimes; check upcoming events on the website

(X ) Y
( ) N

What’s on?
usually IFC

( ) Y
(X ) N

( ) pinball
(X ) arcade games (tabletop Galaga)
( ) video
( ) darts
(X ) other: photo booth

Essay question: Why should I drink here?
Stardust started life as a video rental place that served coffee and over the years has morphed to serve the changing desires of the community. Among its many functions (work and study spot, café, live music venue, market host) and despite its ramshackle air, the ’dust is prized by anyone looking for a quality buzz. The bartenders of the Slanted and Enchanted Bar (in the big room) are given free rein to come up with inventive craft cocktails; the Scotch Bar (in the smaller room) stocks exquisite bottles; and the bottled beer and cider selection is choice. For many, it’s a home away from home.