Halloween Horror Nights will feature 'Stranger Things' themed food items and other spooky bites

click to enlarge The Triple-Decker Waffle Extravaganza, inspired by Eleven's favorite food. - Universal Orlando Resort
Universal Orlando Resort
The Triple-Decker Waffle Extravaganza, inspired by Eleven's favorite food.
When Halloween Horror Nights kicks off on Friday, you might want to save room after dinner before heading through those dimly lit arches into the park.

This year, HHN will feature both food items themed after the highly anticipated Stranger Things maze, as well as some bites that echo the 1980s B-horror theme of the event. Here's what you can order:
  • Waffles Galore! Inspired by Eleven's favorite food, of course. The chefs at HHN are whipping up several different waffled foods, including a fudge-dipped waffle on a stick with peanuts and sprinkles, a Waffle Ice Cream Pocket Sundae, and a Triple Decker Waffle Extravaganza — if you're going to order that one, maybe skip dinner.
  • Syrup & Waffles A non-alcoholic frozen drink with maple syrup flavoring, topped with tiny waffles.
  • Christmas Tree Light Cupcakes If you've ever watched the show and thought Joyce's walls looked delicious, this one is for you. Choose from either chocolate or red velvet cupcake (the color of blood, natch), topped with whipped cream frosting and jelly beans to resemble the lights Will's mom uses to communicate with him in the Upside Down.
  • 11 Mini Doughnuts A little bit of a stretch, but these are covered in powdered sugar and topped with red frosting — according to Universal, this is inspired by Eleven's nosebleed. Ew?
  • Pepperoni & Sausage Pizza Dustin offers Nancy a piece of this pizza in the first season, and if you remember that well enough to get the reference, you are truly a next-level fan.
  • Benny's Burgers There will also be a Benny's Burgers location at the event, serving a variety of burgers, chicken sandwiches and other savory dishes. Benny's is the diner Eleven wanders into in the show's first episode, after escaping from Hawkins National Laboratory.

Other 1980s-themed food items include three signature drinks called the Totally L.I.T. (Long Island iced tea), Wicked Rad Punch and Gnarly Twist. There will also be a frozen layered candy corn drink, and a special HHN-themed tombstone doughnut at Voodoo Doughnut at CityWalk. Passholders can already try the treat from now through tomorrow, and then once HHN starts on Friday, the donut will be available to everyone through Nov. 3.