Orlando's Tiger Fawn releases new music video for 'Little Birdie'

Orlando-based musician Tiger Fawn has just released a new music video for live favorite "Little Birdie." The disorienting VHS-inspired clip is chock full of surreal imagery and reminds us of some of the more adventurous underground glitch video work in the 1980s.

Tiger Fawn, the solo vehicle of Orlando music scene fixture Dani Lacerda, melds live loop and pop sensibilities aptly on "Little Birdie." Lyrically, the inspiration came from an unwelcome and everyday encounter:

One time, back when I was working as a bartender, I had this nasty old white man come up to me, hand me a five dollar bill and say, “Nature rewards beauty.” I’m sure this was his attempt at a compliment, but instead he made it clear that he valued my appearance over the service I had given him, a historically unfamiliar happening for women. These thoughts stuck with me and eventually inspired the writing of “Little Birdie” and theme of its video.

Watch Tiger Fawn's "Little Birdie" below.

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