Flagler County Sheriff Rick Staly is now bragging about how many inmates are in his awful jail

Flagler County Sheriff Rick Staly, a man who once joked about how poorly he treats his inmates, is now bragging about his record-high population at the "Green Roof Inn," which is his abhorrently dumb nickname for his jail. 

In a statement released Friday, Staly says the population at the Sheriff Perry Hall Inmate Detention Facility has reached a "record high" and now comprises 243 inmates.

"Our team works hard to get these criminals off the streets and behind bars to keep our community safe,” said Staly. "The number of inmates housed at the jail is up 87 percent since I became Sheriff, but the number we will never know is how many crimes have been prevented by our deputies getting these offenders off the streets. To anyone out there thinking about committing a crime in Flagler County – don’t worry, we still have plenty of rooms available at the Green Roof Inn!"

Staly seems to consistently forget that not everyone who goes to a county jail is convicted of a crime. County jails aren't prison. In fact, many are there on a misdemeanor charge – or even worse, they just couldn't afford to pay bail.

But to Staly, more inmates in his jail somehow translates to less crime, which couldn't be less supported by the facts.

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