Orlando City just squashed all privileges for Atlanta United supporter groups

click to enlarge Orlando City just squashed all privileges for Atlanta United supporter groups
Photo via Orlando City
Call it a real kick in the shin on Orlando City SC's part ... I guess.

On Thursday, Orlando City announced its decision to suspend the organized supporter groups' privileges associated with Atlanta United FC for the next three matches between the clubs in Orlando.

The decision comes on the heels of a May 13 match between the two clubs, in which both clubs' fans threw trash on the field at Orlando City Stadium. According to a news release on Orlando City's website, though, the misconduct on the part of Atlanta United's fans went "unaddressed."

Two days after the match, Orlando City says they shared video footage and images with Atlanta United of five of its fans throwing objects during the match. However, Orlando City says Atlanta United failed to respond with the names of the trash-tossing offenders, or even ask for an extension within the appropriate window of time. (Oh no, not that.)

So here's the result of all these hooligans' tomfoolery: "Orlando City SC will revoke the organized supporter groups' privileges granted to all clubs in Major League Soccer." That means those groups will no longer be privy to purchasing seats in a designated supporters' section with escorts to the match, can no longer enter Orlando City Stadium before general admission gates open and can no longer bring flags or banners into the stadium (the latter of which makes sense, considering how said flags could be used as weapons, you know?)

Now, let an actual rivalry begin, boys.

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