Opening in Orlando: Gringo, The Hurricane Heist and more



Gringo Corporate intrigue and kidnapping surround the development of a new form of medical marijuana that's offered in the shape of a pill. Working title: Snoop Forges a Scrip. (R)

The Hurricane Heist The Fast and the Furious creator Rob Cohen shows us what would happen if a bunch of intrepid crooks tried to rob a U.S. mint facility during a Cat 5, and the only people left to stop them were the sort of folks who hang around during a Cat 5. In this case, that includes Shannon from Lost and the guy who took over from Andy Serkis doing mocap for King Kong. Root for the hurricane. (PG-13)

The Party The escalator pitch: It's Peter's Friends with a gun. A bunch of Brits have a small get-together that provides a platform for the airing of all sorts of dangerous secrets and festering resentments. A nominee for the Golden Bear, or the Purple Communist, or whatever the hell they call their awards over there. (R)

The Strangers: Prey at Night I was really expecting better from Christina Hendricks post-Mad Men than being Queen of the Sequels You Won't Even Redbox. But on the heels of Bad Santa 2 comes Prey at Night, in which the erstwhile Joan Holloway is part of a family terrorized by three masked assailants in a trailer park. Joanie, Joanie ... that Peggy still gets such nice work. Are you sure you're even trying? (R)

Thoroughbreds The late Anton "Ensign Chekov" Yelchin's last screen role is as a ne'er-do well hired as a hitman by a couple of teenage girls. The picture wasn't screened for Orlando critics, and the studio didn't even email us a synopsis. Christ, even Spock got a funeral. (R)

A Wrinkle in Time In which we learn the answer to the most pressing question of our time: If Oprah Winfrey fucked up your favorite book, would you have the guts to say so? Having no such emotional connection to the material, I can say that the bits we've seen already look like the cut scenes from a Strawberry Shortcake single-shooter game, and the "diversity" angle seems cloyingly belabored (and this is coming from a guy who thought there were too many white people in Black Panther). But hey, your wrinklage may vary. (PG)

Also playing:

Dance Academy: The Comeback In this spinoff of the Australian TV series Dance Academy, an injured ballet student strives to keep her dream alive. See, in Russia, they just find second careers giving blow jobs for the FSB. Right, J-Law? (NR)

Nostalgia Jon Hamm headlines an ensemble drama about letting go of people and things. You know, just like Christina Hendricks is letting go of her career. (R)

The Vanishing of Sidney Hall Experiencing fabulous success right out of the gate turns out to be the worst thing that could have happened to a young novelist, who attains cultural godhead in his 20s and becomes a mysterious recluse in his 30s. See, kids? Just say no to books! (R)