Black Rebel Motorcycle Gang rides into the Beacham this week

click to enlarge Black Rebel Motorcycle Gang rides into the Beacham this week
James Minchin
Over the course of a steady career of nearly two decades, this rubber-burning California rock gang has risen from the cult of bands that kneel at the Jesus & Mary Chain altar to become one of the most successful, enduring and distinguished of their class. Their octane was clear from birth, and it rocketed them into the indie spotlight early on. But Black Rebel Motorcycle Club eventually learned to give it depth and longevity by funneling their attack through the American roots to finally forge a real signature of their own, one as steeped in dark blues as it is in noisy underground rock. It’s a slick black ooze that’s ridden grease and swagger to the top. Now, they’re out on the thrust of their first new album in five years (Wrong Creatures) to pump their big kick with fresh blood. They don’t come here often, so don’t sleep. And show up early to get well into the mood with the dark, garage-scuffed psych-rock of Seattle’s Night Beats.

with Night Beats | 6 p.m. | The Beacham, 46 N. Orange Ave. | | $26 
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The Beacham

46 N. Orange Ave., Orlando Downtown


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