Sean Hannity just endorsed Rep. Ron DeSantis for Florida governor

Sean Hannity – Keurig coffee smasher, defender of accused child molesters, and sentient block of cheese at Fox News – now "enthusiastically" endorses Florida Rep. Ron DeSantis.

Speaking on his radio show Wednesday, Hannity didn't hold back his love for the Trump-defending "Russia is BS fake news" congressman. "I've known you all these years, I cannot more enthusiastically endorse and completely support your run, and I really think the people of Florida will be blessed because I know what a strong leader you are," said Hannity.

"That means a lot to me," responded DeSantis. "We've got a good opportunity to build on the success that Gov. Scott has had. I think this tax bill is going to give us a tremendous competitive advantage in Florida to create a lot of jobs. We have an opportunity to fix our activist courts and live under the rule of law."

DeSantis also got a glowing endorsement from Trump a couple of weeks ago, which resulted in a laundry list of billionaire kingmakers courting his run.
Meanwhile, Florida's current leading GOP candidate, Adam Putnam, is struggling with his orange crops.