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  • Cover art by Chris Tobar Rodriguez
  • Every year, Orlando Weekly features a Halloween-appropriate cover image on the issue that covers Orlando’s favorite holiday. Last year was an image of a zombie girl; in 2014 we had, uh, a zombie girl; and in 2013 – Gary Numan (scary! He was playing a Halloween show). But in 2012, the last time we had to decide between seasonal spookiness and our civic duty of encouraging readers to vote in the presidential election, we chose the latter: Our cover simply read “Shut up and vote.” This year, there was no need to choose – we are encouraging our readers to vote as (we hope) the denouement of one of the scariest campaign seasons we’ve ever experienced. Although Bernie Sanders said in July that Trump is the “most dangerous presidential candidate in the modern history of this country,” Trump himself is not what truly scares us. Trump qua Trump is just another reality-show buffoon, just another rich guy who thinks you can get whatever you want if you grab it by the pussy. He’s about as menacing as a bad pumpkin spice latte (and roughly the same hue). No, it’s the idea of a Trump presidency that truly frightens us, although that seems like an unlikely event at this point. It’s the horror show of violence, racism and misogyny at his rallies that terrifies us. It’s the vein of anger and hatred running through our republic that Trump has mined, and that won’t be going away whoever wins, that has us suffering panic attacks a few times a week. (And we’re not alone: Mental health professionals have reported a massive rise in anxiety and emotional distress related to this election.) “I’ll keep you in suspense,” Trump promised in the final presidential debate. It was a classic horror-movie trope from a man who has forced the country into the most terrifying election season ever. Now that’s scary.
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  • Oct 26 - Nov 1, 2016
  • Vol. 32, No. 45

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