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  • Wanton women want fair share

      I feel sorry for kids today, not in a caring, concerned way, but in a detached, patronizing, figure-...
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  • Without a snout

      Truthfully, I don't understand the intricacies of the financial scandals that have been as reliably ...
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  • Nuts and bolts

      I was walking through a local park with my mother, a woman who, had she grown up in this era instead...
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  • Neither heads nor tails

      "The Best American Travel Writing of 2000" features the brilliant, bizarre, funny story "Winter Rule...
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  • Too close for comfort

      There are a lot of things that China and I do not have in common. I have never been visited by a U.S...
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  • School of hard knocks

      As I've stated before in this space, I love movies and see as many as I can, but there are some I do...
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  • Pumping irony

      When I was considering setting myself up as a church in order to enjoy tax-exempt status -- writers ...
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  • Stuffing your self-esteem

      Bill Cosby may be famous for a few other minor things, but I think what truly made him a star was a ...
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  • Profile in dating courage

      I have a friend who has a friend -- and who doesn't? -- who is big into online dating. "You should t...
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  • Suited for space

      Dear Russian Space Agency, Having just read about the vacant tourist seat still up for grabs on the ...
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  • Speak of the devil

      Have you ever been around people who don't know when to quit? You like them, but they never know whe...
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  • Ladies in waiting

      Don't panic.That's advice from the "Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy," and good advice it is. When...
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  • A hell of a time at the movies

      Because I'm the kind of person who will watch anything if it's on a screen, I've been to a lot of fi...
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  • Size does matter

      It takes big balls to tell a total stranger they have a small penis.To look at advice columnist Am...
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  • Class distinctions

      My high school reunion is this weekend, and I'm debating whether to attend. It's not that I don't se...
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  • State of shock

      Every once in a while you have a friend who has a partner, spouse, significant other, that you simpl...
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  • What's running through it?

      Summer is now in previews, with a few spring days that were so hot and muggy that just walking out t...
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  • Only in the movies?

      One often imagines one's life as a movie, maybe a romantic comedy in which the main character (you) ...
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  • Going with the flow

      There is one thing worse than putting on a display of sorrow, frustration and anger that makes Disne...
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