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    • Occupying Democracy

      We the People, not We the Corporations
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    • None of the above

        Not all computer errors involve vote counts in Florida. Writing in Funny Times, Richard Lederer tell...
    • Beating 'round the Bush

        Jim Hightower is a populist commentator whose zingers -- flung both to the left and the right -- hit...
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    • Seized with injustice

        Did you ever think you'd see the ineffable right-wing congressman from Georgia, Bob Barr, shake hand...
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    • Complete care (for some)

        The guiding ethic of our medical system goes back nearly 2,500 years to the Hippocratic Oath, which ...
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    • White-collar crime pays

        And now we go again into the far, far, far-out frontiers of free enterprise. Today, Spaceship Highto...
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    • High-tech schmoozing

        Time for the newest Hog Report! This time we have high-powered, high-tech hogs like Bill Gates of Mi...
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    • Prosperity for the few

        To know how the nation's economy is doing, we don't need to consult the ethereal Dow Jones Average, ...
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    • Low tide for summer wages

        Some days I read the paper, and some days I just whap myself upside the head with it. This is one of...
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    • Drug museum: Just say no

        Step right up, folks, for the thrill of a lifetime! You won't believe what you're gonna see inside t...
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    • Wall Street's Democrat

        Wow, we've really got a treasure-trove of presidential choices for 2000, don't we? From Gore and Bra...
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    • Campaign-finance tyranny

        It's time for another Hightower Hog Report!Yes, here come the banking lobbyists. There's the HMO c...
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    • The war's other 'winners'

        Here come the patriots marching to the front to stand with NATO in its war against Yugoslavia! Let's...
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    • Early-bird election sale!

        Hi, "Crazy Jim" Hightower here, saying: Have I got a deal for you! Come on down to "Crazy Jim's" f...
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    • Sailing away tax-free

        Poets and songwriters tell us that one little word can mean a lot -- passionate words like "love."...
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