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    • No pause for commercial break

        A pretty young woman with high, teased hair and colorful leotards speaks to me from my TV. In the fe...
    • Culture 2 Go


        INTRODUCTIONThough you can never be sure in what month it's going to land, the Florida Film Festiv...
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        The ancient Greeks must have loved dysfunctional families; their dramas featured so many of them ...
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    • Help wanted: waste manager

        Some years ago, when I lived in Massachusetts, I used to watch sessions of the state House of Repres...
    • What's in it for me?

        The late Thomas P. "Tip" O'Neill, doyen of the Massachusetts Democratic party and longtime speaker o...

        No movie would seem less suited to adaptation as a cheery musical than the kinky 1954 opus Johnny Guitar, radical director Nicholas Rayâ??s film-noir take on the heretofore predictable and realistically stylized Hollywood horse opera...
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        Say what you will about French playwright Molière (born Jean-Baptiste Poquelin in 1622), but you can't dispute his sense of theatrical timing ...
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    • She doth protest too much

        When I ran for U.S. Congress against Bill McCollum in 1996 and 1998, my wife's worst nightmare was n...
    • Reality check for McCain infatuation

        All over the country, Democrats, liberals, progressive reformers and political independents are gear...
    • Desperate housewife

      Mad Cow Theatre stays inside the lines in its portrayal of the most desperate housewife ever
    • Concrete solution

        As Orlando matures from sleepy, semi-rural town to suburban regional center, the changes often pit t...
    • Theater:Fully Committed

        Sam has to juggle the needs of these outsized big-city egos with those of clueless out-of-towners blissfully unacquainted with the restaurant's renowned "global fusion" cuisine
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    • The naked truth about free speech

        It's been a long time since I visited a place where frolicking women take off their clothes to undul...
    • Don't stop the music

      Orlando Cabaret Festival at Mad Cow isn't just the same old song and dance
    • A victory full of defeat

        John McCain is a saint -- the patron saint of America's lost causes. A quarter century ago, he spent...
    • Going native

        It's the time of summer when Orlando's mugginess is at its heaviest, and the sky can go from azure b...
    • Here comes the Sun

        It's a good time to go solar. And here in the Sunshine Sate, we have the advantage
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        Except for two times when I lived close to busy pickup spots, I have never spent much time listening to prostitutes talk ...
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