52 adorable (and adoptable) pets rescued by Judy

This week's cover story digs behind the scenes of a community-driven animal shelter effort in Sanford known as Save the Tails, associated with long-time Orlando-area animal shelter Pet Rescue by Judy. Read A sheltered life to find out more about the state-of-the-art animal rescue they're building.

Here, you'll find a string of companion animals available for adoption now in their current shelter. Because Pet Rescue by Judy is a no-kill shelter with an everyone-welcome policy, some animals end up in the shelter longer than others. They categorize these animals as Must Adopts, and among them are some seriously adorable dogs, cats, kitties and puppies, some with special needs and others with the regular-old need of wanting a permanent home, all of them pictured here. Pet Rescue by Judy also adopts out kittens, puppies, teens, adults and seniors who have recently come into their care, if you're looking for other pets with more specific criteria.

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