34 strange Flea World finds

Last week, we heard the news that Flea World would be redeveloped next year. We will miss the myriad of ridiculous things we can get from the landmark Sanford flea market, and so we took to Instagram to check out some of your strangest finds.

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Um ... air freshener?Instagram: ediddy626
Um ... air freshener?
Instagram: ediddy626
Undercover Danny Devito play setInstagram: hennessey_jonze
Undercover Danny Devito play set
Instagram: hennessey_jonze
This guyInstagram: bobbillina
This guy
Instagram: bobbillina
A marmoset!Instagram: crystalayla
A marmoset!
Instagram: crystalayla
Obligatory dreamcatcherInstagram: moonfairy311
Obligatory dreamcatcher
Instagram: moonfairy311
Dangerous bulk candyInstagram: alotis2words
Dangerous bulk candy
Instagram: alotis2words
Airbrushed gator pawInstagram: hennessey_jonze
Airbrushed gator paw
Instagram: hennessey_jonze
So many swordsInstagram: mondowolf
So many swords
Instagram: mondowolf
Camels and hatsInstagram: seanryansajerk
Camels and hats
Instagram: seanryansajerk
BirdsInstagram: adamthewoo
Instagram: adamthewoo
$15 hairInstagram: fabulousthang
$15 hair
Instagram: fabulousthang
Violent plantsInstagram: mskatonic
Violent plants
Instagram: mskatonic
Dumpster treasuresInstagram: perkiperkers
Dumpster treasures
Instagram: perkiperkers
No-wheel four wheelerInstagram: andeeezy
No-wheel four wheeler
Instagram: andeeezy
This gigantic vacuum cleanerInstagram: adamthewoo
This gigantic vacuum cleaner
Instagram: adamthewoo
An insta-goth kitInstagram: ecarrollfx
An insta-goth kit
Instagram: ecarrollfx
Butt enhancersInstagram: coltonfmendelson
Butt enhancers
Instagram: coltonfmendelson
A wepunz cabunetInstagram: jeffandeff
A wepunz cabunet
Instagram: jeffandeff
A tiny wrestlerInstagram: officialdaa
A tiny wrestler
Instagram: officialdaa
All the penniesInstagram: go_mundo
All the pennies
Instagram: go_mundo
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