September 19, 2015

100 ways to die in Florida

We know there are probably a million ways to kick the bucket in the Sunshine State. But since Florida is the land where just about everything is trying to kill you, we decided to just highlight 100.

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You could crash your semi-truck, spilling  thousands of Bud Lights on the highway, because you were petting your dog. 
Photo via WFTS
100 ways to die in Florida
You could drive around with a missile in your car 
Photo via Palm Beach Post
You could walk out onto a log and discover it's actually an alligator.
Photo via Photo by Richard Jones via WFTV
You could choose to have your motorcycle towed with a chain.
Photo via Imgur
You could be in a car accident because the woman driving next to you was shaving her bikini line. 
Photo via YouTube
You could attempt to run from Florida to Cuba in a inflatable hamster ball.
Photo via CNN
A woman named Crystal Metheney could fire a missile into your car. 
Photo via
You could die of leprosy from petting an armadillo.
Photo via Orlando Weekly
You could go swimming at the beach and die of flesh-eating bacteria. 
Photo via Orlando Weekly