Welcome to the 2020 Orlando Weekly City Guide

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Welcome to the 2020 Orlando Weekly City Guide

This 10th edition of our City Guide – our annual love letter to our favorite places and neighborhoods here in Orlando – comes out at a very strange and challenging time for our city, and our country.

Even a city as used to constant and rapid change as Orlando is in a place of deep uncertainty. It's so hard to tell what the future will hold for the City Beautiful, be it tomorrow, next month, November, or even (gasp) 2021.

Which perhaps makes it even more important to put down on paper the things that *right now* make Orlando such a strange and beautiful and unique place.

And for this year's issue we also wanted to look back a little more than we are accustomed to, taking some measure of comfort and stability in Orlando's long and vibrant history as a way to look forward to what's to come.

We have such high hopes that our small business community will weather this metaphorical (and literal – hi, hurricane season) storm, but in order to be of service to you, the reader, we had to lean back on our usual emphasis on restaurants, shops and bars, and look more toward our natural beauty spots. In these pages you'll find the usual neighborhood guides, road trip ideas, cultural listings and more than a few ideas for outdoor outings – which we strongly suggest that you avail yourselves of, despite the heat.

Keep your head up, Orlando. We'll see you all next year.

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