Vanessa Falcone

Trevi Pasta

Vanessa Falcone (photo by Rob Bartlett)
Vanessa Falcone (photo by Rob Bartlett)

If you salivate at the thought of eating fresh-made pasta, then consider this quaint family-run eatery your own personal Pavlov. “Everything is made from scratch daily,” says owner Vanessa Falcone, who fashions, cuts and rolls everything from strozzapreti (literally, “priest stranglers”) to paccheri to fusilli in house. Her aim? To show patrons how her paesano enjoy all the pleasing permutations of pasta. “I want to show them the true taste of fresh pasta as it’s prepared and eaten in Italy. There are so many variations, from sizes, cuts, to infused pasta, to even dessert pasta. In fact, I make a pasta with red pepper and one with chocolate.”

Falcone’s dad handles the antipasti, and her mom makes a variety of homemade sauces (the marinara is a simple wonder). No surprise, then, that Trevi is already a popular after-work stop for College Park residents looking to cook a speedy and, according to Falcone, “healthy” meal to enjoy at home. “People have a misconception about pasta being fattening and it’s just not true. We make our pasta with durum wheat semolina, not processed white flour.” Portion size, Falcone says, is what people need to control. Given how good everything here is, the irony is that the undisciplined also happen to be her best customers.

2120 Edgewater Drive, 407-985-2577; $

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