Tara Gould

P Is for Pie Bake Shop

Tara Gould (photo by Rob Bartlett)
Tara Gould (photo by Rob Bartlett)

The sudden explosion of artisanal sweet shops in Orlando hasn’t gone unnoticed by us – nor unappreciated. One of our favorites of this sugary new crop is Tara Gould’s P Is for Pie in Audubon Park. The rapid success of Gould’s new venture, not even six months old, may be traced to her single-minded drive for excellence.

“We strive for perfection with everything we offer. That may sound simplistic, but P Is for Pie was founded for the sole purpose of providing scratch-baked, classical American desserts with a modern Southern flair,” Gould tells us. “Everything is made in-house. Although our menu changes regularly, we do our best to have our customer favorites available every day. If someone requests something and it’s in season, we’ll bake it for them. All they have to do is ask.”

Gould is a staunch “from-scratch” purist, so you won’t find Crisco, gelatin or any processed foods here. What you will find is strawberry-raspberry cobbler, chocolate peanut butter sea salt cuties, light and airy banana cream Mason jar pies, and Gould’s signature flaky-crust caramel pecan hand pies – all guaranteed to tug on your Southern heartstrings.

2806 Corrine Drive, 407-745-4743; $$

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