Your Words: The Republican National Convention coming to Florida

Your Words: The Republican National Convention coming to Florida
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After more than a week of speculation, the GOP announced June 11 that the Republican National Convention would come to Florida in late August – specifically, to Jacksonville – and that social distancing and mask-wearing would not be required. The RNC had been scheduled to take place in North Carolina, but that state refused to guarantee that coronavirus safety requirements would be lifted before the convention.

@Chris Simmons Did anyone doubt that Trump and his pet DeSantis would get this moved to Florida? The Tangerine Dictator needs to win this state if he wants his reign of divisiveness to last another four years.

@Melissa Romero We can't get our numbers down and people are still waiting for unemployment, but let's throw a huge convention and spend millions upon millions of dollars.

@Ben Pinsky I think every Republican in Florida should get together for a 14-day drunken orgy, as long as they stay away from me for at least a month afterwards.

@Nelson Manuel It will be festive! Party hardy, get in some hugs, handshakes and group chants! 2 for 1 Coronas! 40 million voters chose Trump. These people elected the No. 1 Looter in the American GOP, Rick Scott, governor twice and then senator. So let them pack into a closed space and breathe in all their hatred of all things which America used to stand for. We'll see in November how many are well enough to stand for five hours to vote.

@Jasmine Nichol I hope they make it really meaningful and give someone else the nomination.

@Shawn Lane Bet they won't allow guns though ...

@Verny Rodriguez Meanwhile in New Zealand, the disease has been controlled, and there are no more lockdowns or physical distancing orders.

@Christopher Shreve I hope a whole bunch of people in Jax are ready to get stiffed for their services.

@Jes Elizabeth Gonna make the DNC in 1968 look like a church picnic ....

@David E. Conley Should be held at Raiford State prison.

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis announced plans to reopen Florida schools at "full capacity" this fall, saying, "We're going to be smart, we're going to be safe, we're going to do it step by step. We want schools fully opened in the fall because there is no better way to educate our children than to have that teacher in front of that child."

@Jon Martins Republicans don't care, they have already decided it's acceptable to have a few hundred thousand deaths. Remember this when you vote.

@Kelly Kib So one teacher has to keep 20 to 30 kids 6 feet apart and hands washed. This will take up a whole school day!

@Isabel Cristina It seems impossible to me that children 4, 5, 6 years old can control themselves and maintain social distance; even more impossible is that in summer they keep their masks on for more than five minutes.

@Jett Vincent Bailey Not my kid. I've spent 17 years raising him, and I'm not willing to risk his life for DeSantis' stupid goddamn decisions. Luckily, Florida has a pretty robust virtual schooling system in place.

@Sara Cunnard Kinda ironic ... 'cause we teach science in school.

@Richard Diaz They really want to thin the herd. I wonder whether their kids go to public school. Our children should not be used as economic pawns.

@Jossy LaBoissiere-Williams He is doing this because his family is not going to public schools.

(Ed. note: The three DeSantis children are aged 3, 2, and 5 months.)

@Chassidy H. Goff Am I the only one that's relieved my child can go to school? Some of us work full time and don't have the luxury of keeping them home to do virtual learning.

In 2018, Floridians voted to restore voting rights to felons who had served their full sentences as part of their return to society. The state's implementation of the amendment was decried by advocates and overturned by the district courts. The DeSantis administration appealed, lost, and now wants to fast-track their challenge to that decision by asking a full appellate court to consider it before the November elections, in which hundreds of thousands of returning citizens should be able to vote.

@Alan B. Borne He's already packed the full court. He has nothing to lose.

@James Mitchell Meanwhile Barr and Trump feel Flynn was railroaded into lying about his meetings he actually had with Russian operatives ....

@Linda Brown Wasting taxpayer dollars to deny rights to citizens. How very Republican of him.

@Omar Almodovar So ... the people vote, and you don't like the people's decision. So you want to fight it. The issue does not matter at that point. It's called a democracy.

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