"Who's who in the cast"

Dan Abramson (Mercutio/Nathan Detroit) is making his debut at Hidden Valley Theater with this current production of Bard to Broadway: Theater's Greatest Moments. He is grateful for the chance to return to the stage for the first time since high school, when he played a tap-dancing eunuch in A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum. These days, Dan is better known around Hidden Valley as the proprietor of Tip-Top Auto Body. (Bring in your program and get 1/2 off any realignment!) Much love to Melissa and the kids for putting up with all the long rehearsals. I know it was harder on you than you let on – to me, to grandma or to the gang down at the arcade. Daddy will be home soon, Sophie girl!

Bethany Fox (Ado Annie/Bar Girl No. 3) is stepping on the HVT stage for the sixth time, and she just can't believe her luck to keep getting cast alongside such awesome theatre professionals!!!!!!! :) Favorite roles include Stupefyin' Jones in Li'l Abner, Miss Electra in Gypsy and the silhouette of Mae West in Senior Follies: Remembering When. When not busy with all this thespian-ing, Bethany works as an experienced ankle model who is always highly in demand at orthopedic conventions. She would like to thank her sweetheart of a director, Gary Ross, for all the late nights of one-on-one instruction that taught her so much about posture, breath control and the tantric approach to character development.

Prescott J. Howarth (Big Daddy/Voice of Orson Welles) is a working actor who has spent half a century honing his "craft or sullen art." (Preach on, oh Dylan Thomas!) After taking a one-season hiatus from performing to recover from epiglottal surgery, he is once again gratified and humbled to be sharing the fruits of his hard-earned professional experience with the green-but-passionate youngsters of Hidden Valley. (Personal note to R.M.: Don't you fret. You'll get the hang of it sooner or later.) An irreplaceable fixture on the regional theater circuit, Prescott has been disseminating his sage advice and extensive postshow notes to fellow performers for years, first at the Hardee County Shakespeare Company, then at The Actors' Collective and most recently at the Swashbucklers Dinner Theater. Next year, he will fulfill a lifelong dream by concentrating exclusively on one-man shows, a bold step he could not be taking without the constant encouragement of just about everyone he's worked with.

In addition to acting at HVT, Christopher Inglewood (Master of Ceremonies/Banquo's Ghost) composes original poetry and hosts a popular open-mike night at Sacred Grounds Coffee and Video. "Living, like improvising, is a choice. There may be a better one." To my cherished castmates: Find your truth! To Gail in the coat room: Any word on my umbrella?

Sara Knoll (Woman/????) has been in 14 HVT shows to date, and thinks it's about time she was actually mentioned in a review for a change, people! Seriously, Sara is elated just to be part of this awesome acting family – whether or not a certain short-sighted critic at our fine penny saver cares to take notice. Our heroine looks forward to discussing these and other pressing matters at the cast party, as soon as somebody tells her where it's going to be. (And don't forget to sign my scrapbook this time, mis amigos.) Roles Sara has been honored to portray include a farm girl in Oklahoma!, a townsperson in The Music Man and a … hey, what was I in Grease, anyway?

Oh, goddamit. They've got me doing it now.

Violet Patrone (Jo/Joe) teaches women's studies at Hidden Valley Community College. She was most recently seen as The Foreman in last year's controversial all-female version of 12 Angry Men. Off stage, she has served as dialect coach for The Vagina Monologues. Love to Fiona.

Anthony Scott (Godot) has enjoyed seven seasons as a member of Hidden Valley Theater and is finding it increasingly easy to shake off memories of the remaining three.

Brendon Truegood (Brick/Nightclub Bouncer) is a junior at Palmetto State University, where he majors in sports medicine. He is also a member of Delta Kappa Epsilon fraternity. A newcomer to the world of theater, Brendon would have auditioned for a show long ago, had he known that the arts attract such high-grade tail. Support our troops.

Dexter Washington Jr. (Othello/Mugger No. 1) has welcomed the chance to enrich Hidden Valley Theater's multicultural palette since moving here from St. Louis five years ago. He would like to thank his fellow actors for their generosity, their occasional invitations into their homes and for putting him at ease with all those hilarious backstage renditions of Martin Lawrence routines. You so crazy! Favorite roles include Tom in To Kill a Mockingbird, a Tom in Shenandoah and the entire cast of Jelly's Last Jam. Dexter looks forward to working with the HVT Players once every season, usually around the time diversity grants are due to be awarded.

Joshua Wilson (Tiny Tim/Oliver Twist/Young Roy Cohn) is very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very excited to be appearing in his first show at Hidden Valley Theater. Joshua is currently a third grader at Joseph P. McCarthy Elementary School, where he has been seen as Badger in The Wind in the Willows and Shelley in Glengarry Glenn Ross. He would like to thank his mom for driving him to rehearsal, his dad for explaining some of the things he saw there, and all his new friends in the cast and crew for helping him decide that what he really wants to be is an astronaut.

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