What's on your mind?

"Women and entrepreneurship, because I'm an entrepreneur. I just licensed the patent for my product."
(Shows pamphlet for Top Secretª, a bra with hidden pockets for storage.)

Lausanne Lee, entrepreneur and writer, Orlando

"I've been in America 26 years. Believe me, my brother, these are the toughest times."

Robert Curry, homeless, Orlando

"Hurry, stay calm. Need rest."

Paul H., entrepreneur, Orlando

"What's on my mind? Work! That's all I do is work. This just came out (holds up Lisa Marie Presley CD), they just gifted me with this. I'm excited. We work really good together. I'm part-time but they treat me like I'm full-time. They're awesome, awesome, awesome. I work very hard for them and they treat me very well. I have an Elvis room at home, some people call it a shrine."

Janet Gibson, Sir Speedy sales clerk, Orlando

"Vanilla ice cream and going to the bathroom."

Chantel Carter, student, Fort Lauderdale

"Trying to find a roommate, and that's very, very hard. Trying to make a real home and make ice cream and have lots of Cheerios and milk."

Mary Kimberly, homeless, Orlando

Ashley: "I'm amazed at my friends because we didn't have tickets and we just got on the guest list."
Jackie: "I'm still pretty happy from being on roller coasters all day. I love Florida."
Sunnie: "Going to the All-American Rejects concert, so we're stoked."

Ashley Walsh (left), student, Daytona Beach
Jackie Carpenter (middle), student, Daytona Beach
Sunnie Carpenter (right), student, Daytona Beach

"The liberation of Iraq. Bush is a great president. God bless America! Down Hussein! Down Castro!"

Esteban Rodriguez, retired, Orlando

"Honestly, I think Orlando is nothing but a money town. Mickey Mouse is the devil because of what he's done to this area. Disney is its own city with its own ZIP code and its own police force. That amazes me."

Needles, tourist, Orlando "for the time being"

"Getting a fresh start. Starting from ground zero. Reconstituting myself. That is ever-present on my mind."

Jazno Francoeur, animator and musician, Orlando

"I used to work for The Daily Bread. I like doing crossword puzzles and reading books."

Allan Bartz, Orlando

"Why am I a waiter? Where can I get a job using my degree in marketing, which I worked very hard for?"

Burt Linamen, waiter, Orlando

"Girls. My friend and I came down here to see if we could meet some single women."

James O'Brian III, security guard, Orlando

"To tell you the truth I'm kind of concerned about society. People don't really care about intelligence. People don't use their minds."

Mark Ernst, student, Orlando

"I'm happy to be alive, but I wonder if this is as good as it gets."

Ramona Avoletta, medical equipment trainer, Orlando


Francisco Colon, student, Orlando

"Thinking about the wish I just made by the fountain and hoping it comes true."

Bethany Steffancin, student, Cleveland

"I'm working my schedule to get off for Sunfest in West Palm Beach."

Melissa Gomez, Hooterina, Orlando

"I'm thinking about breaking my celibacy. I've turned down a lot of girls."

James "Dad" Mello, therapist, Orlando

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