Viral TikTok seems to show tiny girl being crushed by scooter at Disney

Incoming squish!

click to enlarge Viral TikTok seems to show tiny girl being crushed by scooter at Disney
screenshot via TikTok user @igotz2p
A viral video on TikTok showing a little girl running into the path of a motorized scooter, set to the sound "Dumb Ways to Die" and simply captioned "these scooter people be out here wild as hell," has been "stitched" by a former Disney cast member.

No toddlers were harmed in the making of this TikTok video, so far as we know, but it does look like a close call, and that's what the creator of the stitch wanted to call attention to.

"ECVs at Disney are RUTHLESS," says TikTok user @igotz2P, aka "Patrick, former Disney CM with many stories."

"ECV" stands for electric conveyance vehicle, or what most people call a motorized scooter. Disney parkgoers can rent one for $50-$70 per day.

Patrick points out that Disney parks staff (called cast members) have to take a training course on dealing with the scooters, but that maybe the users should also take one.

Then he adds, "Half the time those drivers should not be on an ECV," which tracks with a persistent piece of Disney lore that some parkgoers rent mobility aids as a ruse to get priority seating.

We're staying out of that one, though @igotz2P's followers are now in a rousing debate over ECV safety permits (or as Patrick says, "a safe-D permit, as we would say at Disney"). In a "Part 2" video, he claims to have seen ECV drivers who have "taken out little children who have strayed away from Mom and Dad and ran them over" and even "take out people who were eating outside."

As the song says, dumb way to die.
@igotz2p #stitch with @user1271968601944 #greenscreen watch out for ECV’s at Disney. #disneyworld #disneyland #ecvsatdisney ♬ original sound - Patrick

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