During a week of interesting new music, this is the show that's sure to be the most … interesting. That's what happens when you put a guy like Buckethead (left) – probably the only chicken-bucket-and-face-mask-wearing guitar shredder to play with both John Zorn and Axl Rose – onstage with … anyone.

But when you add the funny-but-not-stupid DIY hip-hop of Grand Buffet, the loping, psychedelic beat-junk of Why? and the costumed electro-spazz of Yip-Yip, you get a show that is fated to be as fascinating to musical adventurers as it is frustrating to those whose personal playlists are as tight as drive time on a Clear Channel station. Though there's a certain glee to be had from the thought of watching hard-core Guns N' Roses fans enduring the quizzical meanderings of Buckethead's bizarre virtuosity, the real joy of this evening's lineup comes from the sheer manic creativity all of these artists display.

with Grand Buffet, Why? and Yip-Yip

Friday, Oct. 21
The Social [email protected]

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