Use your tax refund to buy yourself Google Glass



You may be wondering how to spend that tax refund that's burning a hole in your pocket. You might also be curious about how you could possibly make yourself look just a little bit dorkier. Google has the solution to both of those problems: Google Glass. For one day only, Google is giving anyone who is over 18 and a U.S. citizen the opportunity to become a Glass Explorer.

There'se one more requirement, though. You have to pony up $1,500.

The opportunity to become a Glass Explorer has previously been reserved for those on the Glass waiting list. The whole waiting list thing is extremely clever on the part of Google, as is this one day only sale, because it gives the impression of exclusivity. However, a few months ago, I succumbed to Glass curiosity and signed up for the Google Glass waiting list. I had my invite to join the Explorer program within 24 hours. Not so exclusive, eh?

Truly exclusive or not, Google Glass draws more than just positive tech envy. Recently, there have been accounts of people being attacked because of Google Glass. Just this past weekend, a San Francisco Explorer had his Google Glass ripped off of his face and smashed the evening after he covered a protest against Google. Earlier this year, Google Glass was blamed for the verbal and physical assault of a woman in a San Francisco bar. However, in that case, the woman was accused of recording bar patrons without their prior permission. Kind of creepy.

Earlier this year, our food editor highlighted some non-creepy, totally foodie uses for Google Glass technology. These are the kind of innovative uses that make me want to start my very own Glass fund. Not tomorrow, though. Maybe next year.

If you're forgetful and need a reminder to plunk down $1,500 tomorrow at 9:00 a.m., sign up for a reminder from Google. Otherwise, just visit this link tomorrow morning, prepared to drop part (or all) of your tax refund on some Opti-Grab worthy tech specs. Seriously, I can't see someone wearing Google Glass and not immediately think of The Jerk.

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