UCF Football Twitter is trash

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Orlando-based writer and University of Central Florida alum Brian Druckenmiller bravely went where few have dared to go this morning in an Orlando Sentinel op-ed on UCF athletic director Danny White.

In particular, Druckenmiller's guest commentary focused on how White's
arrogant promotional tactics for the football program has "turned UCF's Cinderella story into one of whining entitlement," despite UCF's recent winning seasons, such as when the Knights capped off their undefeated 2017-2018 season with a make-believe "National Championship" title banner that was plastered across Spectrum Stadium last year.

It's embarrassing, and Druckenmiller, who earned his master's degree in creative writing at UCF and now teaches at Valencia College, agrees.

He spared few punches in the essay, citing White's incessant whining about how he thinks it's insulting to the American Athletic Conference – a college football conference that, as Druckenmiller notes, sits outside the sport's traditional "Power Five" leagues – when larger legacy football programs, such as the University of Florida and the University of Miami, schedule two-for-one series, meaning two of the games are played at home for the bigger school, and only one game is played at home for a smaller program like UCF or University of South Florida, which Druckenmiller cites as an example.

The reason most legacy college football programs schedule these type of two-for-one series is because, quite frankly, they don't have much to gain from playing smaller programs such as UCF. If a larger program were to beat UCF, the College Football Playoff Committee would likely look at the win as a small feat that was, by most estimates, predictable. On the flip side, if a larger school loses to a program like UCF, well, that looks even worse for the big program because it would be considered a major upset by college football's standards, even if a team like UCF has seen recent success.

"To claim we've proven anything is laughable," Druckenmiller writes of UCF's recent football success. "And how about our scheduled 'Power Five' opponents through 2025: Stanford, UNC, Georgia Tech and Louisville – teams with a collective 19-30 record during the 2018 season."

In Orlando Weekly's opinion, Druckenmiller came bearing truth.

Then the predictable happened: The UCF Twitter trolls – the equivalent of a Biblical locust plague – came out from underneath the woodwork to show their true colors as a classless clan of knuckle-dragging misfits.

Take this call, for example, for UCF to rescind Druckenmiller's degree:

Or this tweet, attacking his writing:

The trolls' tweets also touched on the, um, profane:

So, in closing, UCF Football Twitter is still utter trash.

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