Uber vs. Orlando

Letters to the editor

Uber vs. Orlando

I usually pay about $40 to $45 to get from the convention center to downtown Orlando using Mears ... Wednesday it only cost me $28 with Uber (“City of Orlando tickets Uber vehicles as gypsy cabs,” blogs.orlandoweekly.com, June 15).
Daniel Waldron, via Facebook

What about commercial insurance to protect passengers? I have three taxis in my company, and I pay over $1,200 a month for my insurance. These people wouldn’t have that protection. I signed up for Uber and submitted all my documentation of permits and insurance, but it doesn’t seem to be working yet.
Brianna Sawyer, via Facebook

Why don’t they just have the drivers licensed for vehicle for hire? All you need is an endorsement and 50 bucks. I got one when I pedicabbed, and it was pretty damn easy.
Jessica Spink, via Facebook

Uber needs to hire lobbyists like everyone else.
Isidro Marino, via Facebook

Maybe these taxi companies need to wake up and get with this new technology. Uber is fab.
Nick Inthehat Harrison, via Facebook

Woah – I think you’re being a little easy on Uber here. The company is aggressively pushing into new cities, flaunting regulations and driving down driver wages.
Norwood Orrick, via orlandoweekly.com

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