There's a retired Disney monorail car for sale on eBay



Got a spare $189,000 rattling around your piggy bank? Have I got a deal for you! Over on Theme Park Connection's eBay page, there's a Mark IV Red Monorail for sale. We know, we know, it's more of a Shelbyville idea, but just imagine what you could do with your own genuine, bona-fide monorail. Display it in your backyard and  charge the neighbors a quarter to come in. Buy some land and open up a 1970s throwback bar. Sing that song from The Simpsons endlessly.

The monorail car up for sale was in service at Disney World from 1971 until 1989, when the Mark VI series took over. At that time, most of the Mark IV cars were scrapped, save for two, who were affectionally named Coral and Lime. They went on to live full lives in Las Vegas, where they were refurbished and ran on the Las Vegas monorail tracks. At $189,000, you're really getting a deal, though, because Lime and Coral sold for $3.5 million each.

The only downside to the eBay auction is, because of the size of the monorail car, they won't be able to ship it to you. Hitch up your trailer and buy yourself a monorail!

Monorail? Monorail!

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