There sure are a lot of guns and white people in Adam Putnam's vision of Florida

Adam Putnam, a Florida Republican candidate for governor and proud "NRA sellout," released a new ad proclaiming what the state will be like if he is indeed elected, and apparently it's all about guns and white folk.

The one minute ad, shared on Twitter yesterday, was posted with the caption, "This is what our state can be and what our state will be when I'm your Governor! #FloridaFirst." 

Besides the obvious dog whistle slogan of the #FloridaFirst hashtag (a localized "America First" Trumpism), the rest of the share line is an odd pairing with the video, which shows Putnam discussing the Second Amendment to a sea of white people nodding in agreement around a giant bonfire.

The optics of this video are bad, and when you consider that the NRA has been an absolute disaster for African-Americans they're even worse.

When Alton Sterling was shot dead in Baton Rouge while pinned down with a gun in his pocket, the NRA was silent. When Mark Hughes openly and legally carried a firearm at a Dallas Black Lives Matter protest and the police wrongly tweeted out his photo as a sniper suspect, the NRA was silent. When Philando Castile was shot and killed by a police officer after telling them he had a legally permitted firearm in his car, the NRA was silent. However, after intense criticism from members the group did say the Castile incident was "troubling."

These examples could go on forever.

In fact, one of the only times the NRA was ever cool with rolling back a gun law was in 1967, after members of the Black Panther Party began carrying rifles openly in public. Weird.

So when a Florida gubernatorial candidate releases a video of him speaking directly about gun rights to a crowd of only white people, it's hard not to see what "FloridaFirst" actually means.
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