The Yes Men visit Nawlins, and pose as HUD agents.

The Yes Men have struck again. They're responsible for the along with the culture jammers in rtmark. Have you seen their movie? I got it on Netflix a while back, and I thought it was hilarious. Watching someone (supposedly) from the WTO explain to graduate economics students that McDonalds had come up with a way to "ediblize" human excrement to feed to the poor in the third world , and feeding them cheeseburgers at the same time was extremely satisfying - and today's prank on the HUD in New Orleans is too -

"This year, in New Orleans, I'm ashamed to say we have failed," he said.

To change that, HUD would reverse its plans to demolish 5,000 units "of perfectly good public housing," with housing in the city in tight supply, he said.

Former occupants have been "begging to move back in," he said. "We're going to help them to do that."

The government's practice had been to tear down public housing where it could, because such projects were thought to cause crime and unemployment, he said.

But crime rates in the city are at a record high and there is no evidence that people in the projects are more likely to be unemployed, he said.

The man added that it also would be essential to create conditions for prosperity.

Toward that end, he said, Wal-Mart would withdraw its stores from near low-income housing and "help nurture local businesses to replace them."

haha. Full story here.

Here's a Yes Man impersonating a representitive of Dow Chemical, accepting responsibility for the disaster at Bhopal...

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