The Republican presidential wannabes are coming to Orlando tomorrow

Tomorrow (Nov. 13), the GOP brings its traveling roadshow to Orlando for the Sunshine Summit, a fun-filled two-day event at which the Republican presidential candidates will meet with Florida's elected officials to talk about zero-base budgeting and abolishing the IRS and repealing Obamacare and other such issues that have been all the soundbyte rage in the televised GOP debates. Maybe they'll also talk about  Sen. Marco Rubio's mind-numbingly uninformed statement that our country needs more welders and less philosophers because welders earn more than philosophers – however, as everyone in the biased liberal media (which hates Rubio) has pointed out, studies show that philosophers are actually earning about the same as welders these days. Maybe we should talk about ways to raise the wage for welders and philosophers, instead. Anyway. 

NextGen Climate Florida, our state's arm of the national climate-change awareness organization founded by billionaire environmentalist Tom Steyer, and Organize Now will also be on hand at the Sunshine Summit tomorrow. Their plan is to call on the candidates to lay out a solid plan to address climate change. 

“Republican presidential candidates haven’t yet demonstrated the leadership on clean energy that Americans want—instead offering energy plans that further our dependence on dirty fossil fuels,” Jackie Lee, NextGen Climate Florida director said in a statement released today. “It’s time for Republican candidates to listen to the majority of Republican voters and lay out a plan to achieve more than 50 percent clean energy by 2030.”

We hope nobody's holding their breath for this to actually happen, because there are only two GOP presidential candidates – former New York Gov. George Pataki and South Carolina Sen. Lindsay Graham – who have expressed any concern about climate change so far. 

The rest of them, well, lets just say that Sen. Ted Cruz says climate change is a "pseudoscientific theory," while Trump calls it a "hoax." In the last presidential debate, Rand Paul pretty much wrote it off as a non-issue. Ben Carson doesn't think there's enough scientific evidence to discuss it. Rubio wants to point finger at China, rather than make any change here. And so on. 

All of these candidates and more – including Jeb Bush, Ben Carson, John Kasich, Carly Fiorina, Bobby Jindal – will be in Orlando at the Rosen Shingle Creek over the next two days. Want to get a glimpse at your favorite GOPer in action? You better have some spare cash on hand – tickets will set you back $200 ($100 if you're a student). 

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