Squirrelly behavior

It's getting hard to keep track of the absolutely batty behavior of critters in this state -- from the monitor lizards that crawl through DeLand to the chickens that took up residence in an Oviedo Popeye's parking lot. Now, even the squirrels have gone loco.

Some of these occasions require high-level diplomacy ("Remove the chickens!" "Keep the chickens!" ). And we can always count on the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Committee to be a voice of reason in a wilderness of punchlines. Seems the squirrels -- alarmingly described in a Fish and Wildlife press release as "rolling on the ground [and] jumping in the air" -- are likely the victims of temporary parasites that have managed to find their way under the squirrels' skin. Recommendation: Leave them alone. Or maybe bring them to a dinner at Medieval Times, where their rolling and jumping might fit in well with the audience-participation requirements.

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