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To live in greater Orlando is to be forever assaulted by names and titles that seem instantly familiar -- sometimes deceptively so. Refine your understanding of your community by taking this handy quiz, separating items that are indeed fixtures of the local landscape from others that only sound that way.

From among the following, identify a recently defeated candidate for the Orange County Commission, a piece of indoor-cooking equipment, and the author of Pygmalion.
(1) George Bernard Shaw
(2) George Foreman Grill
(3) Chick Fryar

Which of these is a Fairbanks Avenue automobile dealership, which is a 1995 film about apartheid, and which is the signature song of drummer Gene Krupa?
(4) "Sing, Sing, Sing"
(5) Cry the Beloved Country
(6) Holler Chevrolet

Sort out the co-chairman of the Change 4 Kids political-action committee, the hero of Boogie Nights, and a type of worm often found in compost heaps.
(7) Red Wiggler
(8) Dick Batchelor
(9) Dirk Diggler

Do you know the difference between a popular antiperspirant, a brand of Finnish beer and the public-information officer for the Orlando Police Department? Here's your chance to prove it.
(10) Lahden Ice
(11) Mennen Speed Stick
(12) Orlando Rolon

One of these is the common name of a pair of (now-shuttered) computer-intensive schools in Orange and Seminole counties. Another is an adults-only Internet site. Oh, and Judy Jetson's alma mater is in there, too.
(13) Interplanetary High
(14) Cyber High
(15) VoyeurDorm

Identify one meteorologist for WESH-TV NewsChannel 2000, one New York-based fashion designer, and one Native American culture that flourished between 200 and 1300 A.D.
(16) Anna Sui
(17) Anasazi
(18) Amy Sweezey

Name an annual charity gala, a hair-metal conclave, and a resource for sweaters in all colors and styles.
(19) Headbangers' Ball
(20) Headdress Ball
(21) Dress Barn

Which clean-living downtown bar never caught on? What multimedia initiative was undertaken by Oprah Winfrey? And what's the chemical symbol for Quartz?
(22) O2 Elements
(23) SiO2
(24) Oxygen

A certain corporate parent owns Universal Studios Florida. A particular anatomical term is used to identify the genitalia of a woman. A specific Italian dish is made via the slow boiling of cornmeal. Which is which?
(25) Pudenda
(26) Polenta
(27) Vivendi

Name a reporter for Orlando Sentinel, a cast member from Beverly Hills 90210, and a system for disseminating bulletins about child abductions.
(28) Tiffini Theisen
(29) Tiffani-Amber Thiessen
(30) Amber Alert

Which of these is a geological phenomenon common to Central Florida, which is the dictionary's definition of "a breeding ground for epidemic disease," and which is a term used by some longtime residents as a synonym for "The City Beautiful"?
(31) Sinkhole
(32) Shithole
(33) Pesthole
Wiggler, Diggler or Batchelor? These and other difficult calls are yours to make in our highly civic-minded quiz

ANSWERS (1) Pygmalion author (2) cooking equipment (3) defeated candidate (4) Krupa song (5) apartheid film (6) car dealership (7) worm (8) co-chairman (9) Boogie hero (10) beer (11) antiperspirant (12) OPD information officer (13) Jetson alma mater (14) shuttered schools (15) adult site (16) designer (17) Native Americans (18) meteorologist (19) metal conclave (20) charity gala (21) sweater resource (22) bar (23) Quartz symbol (24) Oprah initiative (25) genitalia (26) cornmeal dish (27) Universal parent (28) Sentinel reporter (29) 90210 cast member (30) bulletin system (31-33) Can we get back to you?

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