Seizures over searches

Alarmed by the notion that government does not yet know of everything that all citizens ingest, wear or carry, Orange County and Winter Park have launched simultaneous attacks on the Bill of Rights.

Orange County Chairman Mel Martinez last week called for random drug testing of all county employees. "I want to get them help," Martinez told the Sentinel. "And I want to send a message." Sheriff's spokesman Steve Jones says his whole department endorses that message, which seems to be, "bend over."

"It's good for the citizens of Orange County," Jones says.

Meanwhile, Winter Park officials have begun discussions that could lead to random searches of public school students. "This would have the same effect as random drug testing," Winter Park City Commissioner Doug Storer said. Right.

Orlando Weekly hereby endorses random hourly body cavity searches for all politicians. But, then, we can guess what they're full of.

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