SCOTUS just let slip that five of them want to screw every woman in America. (Not like that.)

Access denied

Scenes from the Bans Off My Body rally
Scenes from the Bans Off My Body rally photo by Matt Keller Lehman

If you're reading this, you're already aware that a draft opinion on the Dobbs v. Jackson Women's Health Organization case at the Supreme Court was leaked last week, and it confirmed every progressive's worst nightmare–slash–thing we all knew was coming: Five of the highest justices in the country are slipping the thin end of the wedge into the right of privacy that has been guaranteed via settled legal precedent for every American since Roe v. Wade.

In this issue, we speak to three local leaders in the fight for reproductive rights, report how Florida's governor and Legislature are reacting, prove that men are responsible for 100% of unwanted pregnancies (really) and give you a list of organizations to which you can donate your time, money and energy.

Legislators who voted for this but will continue to make sure their female relatives and sex partners have abortion access: We are coming for you in 2024.

Men whose lives took a very different path thanks to abortion than they would have otherwise: Time to be honest with yourself and everyone else.

And those of you who told us we were being hysterical when we responded to Trump's election by saying Roe was doomed: Fuck off into the sun.

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