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I'm a single (mostly) gay guy who is curious about women. A hot bisexual mate is interested in a friends-with-benefits arrangement. I'm not looking for an LTR just now, so regular, no-strings sex sounds great. However, his girlfriend doesn't know he's bisexual, and I'd feel uncomfortable having sex with him behind her back. I've said no to guys in the past, bi and gay, because they wanted to go behind their partners' backs. My mate would like his girlfriend to know about him because he'd really like to have threesomes with her (something I'm up for), but he's worried about how she'll react.

Personally, I'd be more concerned about how she might react if she found out about his sexuality some other way. That's one reason why I always err on the side of honesty. However, I'm not exactly unbiased: I'd prefer threesomes to dicks-only sessions. What should I do?

Horny Homo

How about a little honesty mixed with a little dishonesty?

Your mate should offer his girlfriend the boy-girl-boy threesome that all of today's modern young women fantasize about. (Blame Twilight — why can't Bella have it all?) If your mate is worried that she'll react negatively to the suggestion, he can open by telling her that what he's about to propose was all your idea. She'll want to know if his gay-but-bi-curious mate — that's you — is going to want to get into his presumed-to-be-straight pants. Your mate should shrug and say, "Maybe …" and depending on the look on her face when the possibility of Edward-on-Jacob action is raised — disgusted or intrigued? — end with either "… but I don't think I'm interested in going there" (leaving open the possibility of "getting carried away" and "going there" during the threesome) or "… and I might go there if that would turn you on" (making any boy-on-boy action something he did for her).

If the threesome is a success and you two wind up playing with and in front of her, HH, your mate can come to the sudden and shocking realization that he's bisexual. This will hopefully lead to future threesomes and, perhaps, at some point, her blessing for some boys-only time. If she objects, your mate can blame her for "making" him bisexual — or making him realize it — because he fell on your sword that first time because it was what she wanted.

I'm a woman whose "super- hetero" boyfriend is quite shy and needs to build trust before he can open up to someone. Since I have gained his trust, he has revealed that he fantasizes about MMF threesomes. I've asked him if he is turned on by the idea of another man's penis, and he says no, he just wants to see me have sex with another man. Yet when he describes his dirtiest fantasies to me at the peak of arousal, he says he gets off on the idea of double penetration — one penis in my anus, another in my vagina — and wants to feel the other man's penis bump up against his own, separated by my innards.

Do you think he is bisexual or bi-curious? I wonder if this fantasy could shift the dynamic of our relationship.

Threesome Curious

It can be hard to predict whether a man will have an epiphany during an MMF threesome and come to the sudden and shocking realization that he's bisexual. (Um … does your boyfriend refer to his male friends as "mate," by any chance? Is he a fan of the Twilight series?) He's obviously more aroused by male-male contact than he's capable of admitting when he isn't about to blow a load. This fantasy of his isn't about, or isn't just about, wanting to gangbang a girl with a buddy. Your boyfriend wants to bump penises with another dude — but with your, um, lady "innards" providing the "no homo" absolution.

But I don't think you need to extract a full confession of bi-curiousness or even heteroflexibility before you realize this fantasy. He may not be in denial about what his desires add up to, TC. He just may want to check his fantasies about male-male contact against the reality of male-male contact before he tells you what he suspects: He's the tiniest bit bisexual.

bit bisexual.

I have an uncle who calls me "faggot" whenever he and I are alone in the same room. He's a conservative, straight Mormon. I'm a boy who's had sexual encounters with guys and girls, and I'm trying to figure out my own sexuality while dealing with all of the other stuff that comes with going off to college, and frankly I don't need his crap. Do I tell my parents? I'm kind of bi right now, so he's half right, but what business is it of his?

Uncertain Nephew Craving Levelheaded Explanation

Your uncle is hitting on you, UNCLE, in his fashion — that is, the fashion of the tormented, self-hating, conservative religious closet case. If you don't wanna find yourself standing there with your uncle's tongue stuffed in your mouth someday — you'd be surprised how quickly someone can stuff his tongue in your mouth — I would advise you not to spend another moment alone with your asshole uncle. And, yes, tell your parents what he's been doing. Because if he ever makes a pass at you and a scene ensues — you scream, you yell, you bite his tongue off and spit it out the window — your uncle is going to insist that you made the pass at him.

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