Readers sound off on Trump's tech lawsuit and DeSantis' building regulation waffling

Readers sound off on Trump's tech lawsuit and DeSantis' building regulation waffle

¶ Trump gets Zuck'd

Last week we reported on failed game show host-turned-sleazeball prez Donald Trump filing a lawsuit alleging that Facebook violated his First Amendment rights by upholding his deplatforming after he egged on the Capitol riots on Jan. 6. The suit was (naturally) filed in the U.S. District Court of the Southern District of Florida. And even though this is Florida, this lawsuit has the odds stacked against it ... for now.

@Liz Miller Trump is suing Facebook, Twitter and Google for violating his First Amendment rights by keeping him off their platforms. Someone should remind the orange buffoon that they're private companies to which the First Amendment doesn't apply.

@Steve Kornya You suppose the Velveeta Voldemort realizes that by filing a lawsuit he'll be allowing himself to be deposed? Under oath? I'm going to love it when the Angry Creamsicle finds out that perjury is a felony.

@Janet Lowther More proof that he doesn't understand the Constitution.

@Tom Palmer President of the country for four years, still doesn't understand a goddamn thing about government.

@Adelle Wynkoop Why isn't anyone arguing that he committed treason? Everything about this guy is backwards.

@Ian Grogan Isn't he tired of losing by now?

¶ What, me worry?

Threading that particularly callous conservative needle, Gov. Ron DeSantis waffled on whether new regulations were needed to stop more tragedies like Surfside (really, Ronnie?). Only two counties in Florida currently have mandatory inspection laws on the books for buildings beyond the building process.

@Ivan Williams Is learning from your mistakes a Democrat hoax now? How many bodies will it take for regulation to not be a dirty word to the GOP?

@Dave Oswald

DeSantis thinks your dead family is acceptable collateral damage for an unregulated market.

@Lannis Patterson DeSantis is like, Thank you ... your families' sacrifice means a lot to rich developers who don't want to pay for pesky things like building codes and upkeep.

@Tim Anderson If these buildings were Black and voted Democrat there'd be 75 new bills on his desk tomorrow.

@Doug Packer More proof the GOP is not really pro-life.

@Steven Miranda Which is why on November 2nd, Ron has got to go. And if someone you cared was one of the victims, you would vote against him.

@Albert Hernandez This was just a photo op for him.

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