Readers react to the Weeki Wachee 'face diaper' restaurant

Letters to the editor

Readers react to the Weeki Wachee 'face diaper' restaurant

¶ Doo-doo drop by

Last week we told you about a Florida restaurant that wants guests to know that face masks aren't required ("Weeki Wachee restaurant goes viral with 'face diapers not required' proclamation and signage," Feb. 17). Readers weren't thrilled with their shitty attempt at wit.

@Paul Kern It's funny ... I used to own a nightclub and I can't recall a time when I was better educated about medical science than the medical professionals. And yet today, SO many restaurant owners clearly feel that they are.

@Scott Walls I wonder how they feel about washing the cooks' hands and making sure they have proper sanitation measures in their restaurant.

@Erin Sullivan* They're admitting that masks and diapers serve a similar purpose (to protect other people from gross and/or harmful things), but then imply that they're not necessary? I think they're undermining their entire point, here. Please wear a mask so you don't get your shit everywhere. (Ed. note: This comment is not from our former editor of the same name.)

@Suzanne Garand Perfect, weeding out the gene pool. Let them congregate to their hearts' delight.

@Vanina Sanin Rivera Wow, so disrespectful to the medical professionals that wear these "face diapers" every day and work tirelessly to keep us safe every day.

@Sharon McBride This is not funny. Where did human compassion go? One of my family members died from COVID-19 who was a nurse and currently my sister is in the hospital with COVID-19, six days and counting. To not wear a mask is inhumane.

@Jak Keating Just sucks that these are the same idiots who are clogging up the ICUs around the state. Stupid is as stupid does, and man oh man is the Orlando shitshow just parading around in a fully flamboyant display. Anyone who delights in denying science, have at it. At this stage it is a matter of survival of the fittest, and the clowns packing restaurants and nightclubs aren't the "survivors." Y'all should look into the long-term health risks associated with even a light sickness; it would blow your minds, but then again, the majority of Floridians do NO research. Fuck Deathsantis and fuck you if you're one of these science-denying right-wing extremists.

@Ken Balch These morons and their customers all deserve what they're likely to get. Unfortunately, they'll also be exposing unknown numbers of innocent people in their vicinity as they go about their entitled, clueless days.

@Erik Lievano Sweet! Wonder if there's no seatbelt requirement for the drive there or condom requirement just in case you get lucky while eating at this shithole? I know ... why not post a sign that says "no payment required"? Idiots.

¶ Triggered

Last week we reported that U.S. House Rep. Lauren Boebert (an Altamonte Springs native), who was denied access to the House Floor for setting off a metal detector after refusing to leave her Glock at home and who vowed to "work every day to end ALL gun free zones," will be speaking this week at CPAC. Which is at the Hyatt Regency Orlando. Which has a strict no-firearms policy.

@Brian Leavitt They just love dragging all the trash in surrounding Florida counties down to the amenities and infrastructure of the hellish liberal failure that is this solidly blue county. Why don't you do this shit at some red county racetrack or livestock auction in a place that actually voted for you?

@Ryan Hamilton The ghost of Sarah Palin's political career possessed that woman.

@Joseph Bouchard Who cares about politics! I wanna know who has the labor for this event! This stagehand is starving!

@Christopher Shreve Super stoked to have anti-maskers and non-tippers flood my restaurant next weekend!

¶ Triggered, part 2

The Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services, which oversees concealed weapons licenses, said last week, "The Division of Licensing is experiencing the largest volume of concealed weapon license applications in the program's history."

@Charles Link The gun companies love it when a Democrat is in the White House because then they can push that false narrative that they are coming for your guns.

@Dave Hardison One more time: Democrats are not coming to take your guns away. Anyone who tells you that is just trying to sell you more guns. A gun might be a decent investment if the government collapses and you have to defend your home from gangs, or wolves, or whatever. But even then, you will still be about twice as likely to accidentally shoot yourself as to defend your home.

@Michael Janouski I find it amusing that Deathsantis is trying to take on tech giants when every program in his state that involves tech is broken. LOL he is an idiot.

@Sheila Munday We are afraid of each other. Sad.

@Nelson Agudelo I mean not for nothing but I'm more afraid of "law abiding citizens" with guns than the thug down the street.


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