Readers react: Senate proposes allowing guns in more churches; Remove Ron PAC goes live; more COVID aid needed

Readers react: Senate proposes allowing guns in more churches; Daniel Uhlfelder forms Remove Ron PAC; more COVID aid needed

¶ Citizen Reaper
Santa Rosa Beach attorney Daniel Uhlfelder has been dressing up like the Grim Reaper, in an excellent hybrid of performance art and political activism, as a critique of Florida's handling of the COVID-19 pandemic. Now he's launching the Remove Ron political action committee ("'Grim Reaper' Uhlfelder launches political committee targeting Florida Gov. DeSantis," Feb. 7) with DeSantis' political future directly in its crosshairs. The bell tolls for you, governor.

@James Mitchell Unfortunately, most politicians are now only concerned with furthering their careers. Not helping their communities. Power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely.

@Lisa Hyde I think DeSantis is great. I hear Cuomo needs people in NY. If you want to move I will be happy to help.

@Inker Backwoods Ron's awesome, he's a man for the people like Trump.


@Tim Palomo No way he'd win the presidency. He has all the charisma of a mossy rock.

@Eddie Jones DeSantis has been an AWESOME governor, it's a shame so many mayors lack backbone & can't handle their jobs of overseeing the counties/cities they were hired to run.

@Susan Mercer Eddie Jones: An awesome governor wouldn't run through the crowd at a Trump rally and high-five everyone on the way. Then wipe his face with the same hand. (Super spreader video available.) He wouldn't kiss up to Trump every chance he got. He wouldn't despise public education. He wouldn't destroy our aquifer. He wouldn't withhold vaccinations from some areas and just give them to republican areas. He wouldn't tell people they don't need to listen to science and to wear masks. What has he done that is awesome? He sucks. That's why his nickname is DeathSantis or even DeathSentence.

@Brady Allen Susan Mercer: Actually an awesome governor would run through the crowd of the Greatest President since Reagan and high-five supporters.

@Susan Mercer Brady Allen: Oh, I didn't know he was at President Obama's rally. I thought it was lying Trump's ego festival super-spreader.

¶ Machine gun Jesus
Priorities! The Republican-controlled Florida Senate is moving forward on legislation that would expand the authority of people to carry concealed firearms at religious institutions ("New Florida bill would lift restrictions from carrying guns in churches that host preschool or day care programs," Feb. 3). "People who go to church are being deprived of the same rights that they have when they go shopping and into a business or a private property of an organization or entity," said longtime NRA lobbyist Marion Hammer, the distinct smell of sulphur wafting around her.

@Pembo Slice Tell Marion Hammer to have the churches pay their goddamn taxes, then they can have the same rights as the rest of us.

@Shantoya St James I'm sure this is a good idea and will bring high-wage-paying companies to Florida.

@Rob Sharpstein Maybe it is a scheme to make people pray harder.

@Robert G Bernier Guns + Church = FREEDOM

@Ryan Hamilton The Republican policy on firearm control is to not have any. Just more guns in more places with no regard to training or even a dash of common sense. One more reason for me to avoid church though, lol.

¶ COVID relief payments are essential
As an ambassador for the Borgen Project and a citizen of the state of Florida, it is imperative that we take action to combat the growing daily rates of COVID-19 in Florida. Many families are being displaced all around the Central Florida area as well as others being pushed into poverty all around the globe because of COVID-19. I want to urge Sen. Rubio and Sen. Scott to support at least $20 billion in the next emergency supplemental for the International Affairs Budget to fight COVID-19. I also want to thank Sen. Rubio for being proactive recently in co-sponsoring a few bills which protect human rights, such as the Uyghur Human Rights Policy Act of 2020 and the Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Act of 2019. By ensuring people have access to clean drinking water, an education, the right to work, etc., we are not only ensuring their way out of poverty but also their basic human rights. Thank you for your time!
Jenna Browning, Orlando

¶ Editor's note
A blurb in last week's "On Screens" column misidentified the Netflix film Space Sweepers as Japanese instead of South Korean in origin, and in the context of a joke that understandably read as offensive to several readers. We apologize sincerely and profusely for the errors, and for any injury that was caused.

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