Reader comments on League of the South’s ‘Secede’ billboard

Some of you think the league’s suggestion that Florida secede from the United States isn’t such a bad idea

Secession aggression

Secession? (“League of the South erects ‘Secede’ billboard in Tallahassee,” Feb. 20, Wow! Sounds like a great idea! We could finally get some control over illegal immigration, wouldn’t have to send our children to die in one useless war after another, and wouldn’t have our stance on gun control, abortion, the death penalty, gay marriage and countless other positions overthrown by socialist progressives from Blue States. Where do I contribute?
Mike, via

I don’t understand the puerile and illogical fear of political decentralization. I wonder how many of the people using the wild-eyed hyperbole contained in this “opinion” supported the War of Secession from the British Empire in 1776 (misnamed a “revolution” though the colonists never overthrew the Crown)? Is it a fear that the Federales will slaughter more of their citizens to maintain the power structure? This fear is not unfounded, but I would suggest growing a backbone if you desire your freedom.

Perhaps it is just as Sallust wrote: Namque pauci libertatem, pars magna iustos dominos volunt.

Few men desire freedom, the greater part desire just masters.
Jordan Breon, via

The sign promotes a very good idea for everybody. The most important political unit is the individual. True freedom and liberty means that all individuals should secede from the archaic institutions created by ancient elite to rule the little people by force. The organizing principle of society should be based on voluntary cooperation, not the monopoly on violence that we inherited. Only universal self-government is compatible with the principles of a free society. If you want to be ruled by others, that is your choice; but don’t impose that rule on others because you fear your own freedom. The state of Florida seceding from the Imperial Federal State is a step in the right direction, but does not go far enough if freedom and liberty for every person is your goal.
Freetruthnow, via

These comments here are absolutely perfect. Calling for a withdrawal from the federal government and its infrastructure because...well, we really don’t know? Completely logical and above reproach. Questioning the rationality of that argument? OH NOW YOU DONE CROSSED THE LINE.
Scott Horn, via

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