Q&A with Fisher Miga

Meet the Pomeranian who powers Dog Powered Robot

For a 7-year-old white Pomeranian who majored in kitty poop, Fisher Miga, of Dog Powered Robot fame, already has a lifetime's worth of stories. He's a world traveler. He's performed on major stages. He models on the side. He can't even go for a walk these days without being recognized and almost fatigued from all the petting he endures. (Stop. You know he loves it.) But under that billowy fur exterior, he's really just a mama's boy looking for a cookie.

Orlando Weekly: Your work with Dog Powered Robot requires a lot of focus. Is it hard to maintain such a cheery disposition while playing such an intense and destructive character?
Fisher Miga: Luckily, I really enjoy small spaces, so that joy that you're seeing is all natural. As long as I can maintain eye contact with my mom, Christie Miga, I'm good to go. Also, I rarely perform for longer than 10 minutes.

People typically don't have a lot of boundaries when it comes to approaching a dog. What's the most unusual fan interaction you've ever had?
Oh, most people are happy to just pat me on the back and go on their way, but there was one woman who up and decided to get a Dog Powered Robot tattoo on her leg. It was based on an illustration done by Rory Hurlburt. I suppose I should say I'm honored. The only thing I hate is when people bark at me, especially when I'm performing in a larger venue like House of Blues or Hard Rock Live. What is with that?

What do you like to do in your downtime?
I love traveling. Whether it's ice fishing in Massachusetts or going running in the Swiss Alps, I'm down for most anything. My favorite trip was probably France, though. I think my love for travel began early, because shortly after I was born in Missouri, I immediately went on a one-way voyage to Florida to meet the Migas. I'm so grateful, too, because they've taught me all I know! [Fun fact: Fisher knows 15 tricks and can learn a new one in about 30 minutes.]

Do you need to …
What?? Go potty? Go to work? Go bye-bye?

… exercise to stay in such great shape?
Ah sorry, that phrase gets me worked up. I've been known to binge on cookies during photo shoots, so I make sure to get a good workout in when I can. Mostly walking. Lots of walking.

Most recently, the Dog Powered Robot suits were featured in the Cardboard Art Festival at the Orange Studio. Anything new on the horizon?
We don't have an official date set yet, but Evan (Miga) and Christie are planning a public parade soon where anybody who so desires can make their own cardboard robot suits and join the promenade. Check Facebook for updates!

Is there anything you'd like to say to your fans?
Yes! Thank you for your support and love. It really means a lot. Also, I'd like to add shout-outs to my best friend Ziggy and Dr. Tribble at Loch Haven Veterinary Hospital!

Keep up with Dog Powered Robot at dogpoweredrobot.com

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Associate editor, music nerd, NBA junkie, Florida explorer and obsessive pet owner.
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