Push The Talking Trash Can canned at Disney

Push, at left, amongst his stationary brethren. Photo via
Push, at left, amongst his stationary brethren. Photo via

Push, at left, amongst his stationary brethren. Photo via Beth Green.

Disney World is a most enchanted realm where even garbage receptacles come to life to entertain you – well, it used to be a most enchanted realm where even garbage receptacles came to life to entertain you. Push The Talking Trash Can, the radio controlled dust bin who roamed Tomorrowland playfully chiding guests in a high-pitched robot voice, was axed from Orlando's Magic Kingdom this morning following several days of scuttlebutt concerning his future. Push's contract with Disney was disputed over the weekend, and apparently the little metal fella (or his human operator) asked for too many Goofy bucks this time around.

The Hub, Disney's online cast member portal, clears up any confusion concerning the future of Push; next to the listing for "today's hours" a "Permanently Closed" hovers in red, stomping cruelly on the hearts of the 3,000 people who endorsed a "Save Push The Talking Trash Can" Facebook page that sprung up in the wake of the initial rumors of the can's removal. And to think, it was just Friday when a Disney spokesperson (Imaginosticator?) told Orlando Sentinel writer Matt Mauney that Push "isn't going anywhere" and that there was "nothing to" the rumors of his pending departure from Tomorrowland. Why the lies, Mouse Man? Why the chicanery?

Push The Talking Trash Can debuted at the Magic Kingdom in February of 1995, a cute distraction from pantsless ducks and frilly princesses that combined a real working trash can with interactive robotics. He quickly became a fan favorite, rolling up to guests and gently cracking wise about their actions/appearance. In 2009 an effort was launched to elect Push the "Mayor of Tomorrowland;" it is unclear if such an election was ever officially held, who Push's competition was, or if Disney World's characters even operate under any kind of recognized government system. There are other Pushes, though, at Disneyland, Disney's California Adventure, Hong Kong Disneyland, Disney Paris and Disney Tokyo. Furthermore, Orlando's Animal Kingdom features a Push spinoff, a talking recycle bin named Pipa.

Truly this is a sad day for fans of anthropomorphized sanitation vehicles, but these people should fret not. Push The Talking Trash Can is now a free agent, and there are plenty of other theme parks around the City Beautiful. A talking trash can might just be what SeaWorld needs to smooth over this whole Blackfish controversy!

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