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`The scene is the orchard of the Capulet family. A boy dressed in tights clambers over the wall and into view. Landing on the ground with a thud, he looks upward at a balcony on the second floor. A light appears in the window; it is followed by a girl of roughly the same age. At her appearance, both boy and girl whip out cell phones and begin to text-message each other furiously.`

ROMEO: What lite thru wind-O br8ks?


R: Lite = east, Juliet = sun

J: OIC. T-hee :)

R: Were that I were glove on Ur hand, 2 touch that cheek. Or Nokia in back pocket, set 2 vibrate

J: Ay, me!

R: Txt again, brite angel. Thou Rt as glorious 2 this nite as winged mssngr of heaven

J: O Romeo! (2X) Where4 Rt thou Romeo? Rose by other name smells sweet 2

R: I h8 my name. Call me love; hence4th I never will B Romeo. (Don't forget 2 update contacts list)

J: How came U hither? & why? Walls = hi & hard 2 climb. Plus, my kinsmen will kill U

R: Theres more peril in thine eye than 20 swords. xoxoxoxo

J: :) Whose direction got U here?

R: Love gv me council; I lent him eyes

J: Aawww! & how found U my digits?

R: Swiped Ur daddy's cel @ party

J: Daddy = jerk. New subj: Dost thou love me? Y? N?

R: Tell me what 2 swear by

J: Dont swear. Is 2 rash, 2 unadvised, 2 sudden, & 2 many letters @ 10¢/message

R: Good call

J: Be str8fwd w/ me. What do U want?

R: Fair trade: thy love's faithful vow <–> mine

J: OK, U got it. My bounty = boundless as sea; my love = just as deep. Both R infinite. Also, have unlimited nite & wknd mins w/ no roaming $$$$$

R: Lucky U

J: Hold on; nurse on line 2

R: :-( Tick tock ...

J: Sending 2 voice mail. Nurse = cow

R: O blessed nite! Being nite, all this = dream?

J: 3 words, dear Romeo, & then gotta go. If that thy bent of love = honorable, & thy purpose marriage, then send word tmw. All my fortunes @ thy foot I'll lay, & and follow U my lord thrUout the world. But if thou meanest not well, I do beseech U

R: Beseech me what?

R: ??????

J: Sorry, lost signal. Verona cel towers R 4 shit

R: U were saying ...

J: Long story short: Txt me in the a.m. & we can hook up

R: Deal. My arms R as open 2 U as little man in Cingular logo;-)

J: 1,000 x good nite!

R: Parting = sweet sorrow. Totally. :'(

J: 4 real!

R: Hee! L8r, sweetie! :-)

J: :-*

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