May 20, 1:59 a.m.: Early Saturday morning, at the corner of Pine Street and Orange Avenue, officers Wilson and Glidden were making their rounds at the knuckle of Orlando's downtown scene when they happened upon a man in the throes of an identity crisis. The "30-year-old male" in question, later identified by police as David P. McCann, a contract physical education teacher at Colonial High School, was standing at the top of the stairs of Tanqueray nightclub and, according to the police report, "He was yelling at passing pedestrians that he was ‘fucking Luke Skywalker.' His shirt was partially buttoned and his pants were wet as if he had urinated on himself." (Whether the word "fucking" was meant as a verb or an adjective is unclear from police reports.) OPD remained in an observational stance as the man spoke with two women who had just exited the nightclub.

According to reports, "female" No. 1 was holding a conversation with McCann while "female" No. 2 tried to get female No. 1 to leave. He argued with female No. 2 until she left, and continued his conversation with female No. 1. Female No. 2 again tried to pull her friend out of the conversation. This time it got heated. "McCann approached the second female and was standing with his nose approximately one to two inches from her nose." Both officers approached the man and asked him to "leave the ladies alone and let them go." Then all hell broke loose.

The suspect started yelling at Glidden, "Leave me alone, motherfucker, I'm Luke Skywalker!" Glidden's report states, "By this time, McCann's bizarre behavior was drawing a crowd of onlookers. I told McCann to walk away, but he continued yelling, ‘Fuck you, motherfucker,' as he walked in small circles and then began walking away. As McCann began walking, he was yelling, ‘I'm fucking Luke Skywalker!' I stated, ‘Just go, man.'" But it can never be that simple.

Police say the man charged, raising his right fist in the air. Glidden dodged the attack and sprayed the attacker in the face with "a two- to three-second burst of my issued chemical agent." Officers Glidden and Wilson waited about 10 seconds for the chemical to take effect, then moved in to handcuff McCann. But he started flailing around at the officers and "violently swinging his fists and arms, trying to strike us," reports state. "Officer Wilson delivered several knee strikes to `the suspect's` legs. They had no apparent effect and we were still unable to gain physical control of McCann."

Glidden's report continues: "I drew my department issue Taser, at which time McCann charged me while violently swinging both fists." But the man knocked the Taser from Glidden's hands with one fist, and hit him in the head with the other, knocking him to the ground.

McCann circled Glidden, stomping and swinging his fists, the report continues. "As I was on my back, I began repeatedly kicking `the suspect` in the groin and legs. He began circling me, trying to pass my legs and reach my upper body. I began pivoting on my back and continued to repeatedly kick `the suspect`." Meanwhile, Wilson was beating McCann with his baton on the legs and smacking him in the head with his fists, to little effect.

A quick inventory of what didn't stop the suspect, from the report: "At this point, `the suspect` had been sprayed with chemical agent, received several knee strikes, was Tased, kicked repeatedly, struck several times with an ASP baton and struck twice in the face with a closed fist. None of the forces used on McCann had any effect in stopping his violent attacks. He continued to attack with super human strength and made no attempt to escape."

What's left? Only one thing: "Realizing `the suspect's` actions were going to cause me death or great bodily harm, I started to draw my firearm with all intentions of shooting McCann," Glidden writes.

Lucky for our suspect, officer Popovich arrived on the scene, which distracted McCann. He turned to grab Popovich's wrist and twisted it. She Tased him, giving Glidden enough time to get off the ground. But "like an enraged mad man, McCann grabbed the Taser wires and ripped them free from the Taser," reports state. The officers again tried to restrain the superhuman suspect by the arms, and again he broke free. A well-placed knee strike to the groin had no effect.

Time once again to resort to deadly force. "I again started to use deadly force to stop `the suspect's` violent enraged attacks, when several additional officers arrived on the scene," Glidden reports. "Officer Varela used his taser to deliver two 5-second cycles. Officer Wellon used his taser to deliver one 5-second cycle. Officer Miller struck `the suspect` four times on his left side with his ASP baton. `The suspect finally` went to the ground and was handcuffed."

After being transported, processed and photographed, McCann was tended to by Orlando Fire Department paramedics. He "had no complaints of injury," according to reports. Glidden suffered an injury to his left elbow, Popovich got an injured wrist, and Wilson's knee was swollen and bruised.

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