June 3, 6:53 a.m.: What would you do with $5,000 worth of electrical cable? Find someone who will give you $5,000 for it, of course. Officer Cooney reported to the 10 block of Lake Avenue in reference to a "grand theft" and met with a 29-year-old complainant. Sometime during the night someone had infiltrated the construction compound and copped several spools of cable. Where was the security guard while the perp(s) rolled out the cable? Who knows, but according to the police report, "It should be noted a security guard apparently told one of the workers he found one of the gates unsecured upon his arrival to work there last night at approximately 2100 hours." Why didn't the guard secure the gate? The report reads, "The chain-lock to the fence had also been removed."


June 3, 9:34 a.m.: Officer Williams met with a 61-year-old victim on the 2100 block of Pine Street in reference to a commercial burglary. It appears a suspect — filmed by a surveillance camera — hopped the fence surrounding the business and ravaged several vehicles within the compound. According to police reports, "After viewing their surveillance footage, a white male described as approximately 5 feet, 9 inches, medium build, brown hair, wearing a white shirt and tan pants was seen jumping the northern fence and entering the property." The perp violated seven different vehicles: four owned by the victim; two owned by Orange County Public Schools; and one, a 2001 Infiniti QX4, owned by a private citizen. The only secured vehicle out of the seven was the QX4.

In this case, locking the car may have been a bad idea. According to officer Williams' report: "The suspect used an unknown tool to pry open the rear window causing it to shatter. The suspect was then able to enter the vehicle through the broken window. While entering the vehicle, the suspect cut himself leaving blood on the outside of the rear right quarter panel." Oops.

It is undetermined what the perp extracted from the vehicle. After doing an estimated $1,200 in damage to the Infiniti, the suspect moved over to a 1994 Gulfstream motor home where he removed a dash-mounted TV — damaging the dashboard in the process — and then left the TV on the floor of the motor home. Estimated damages to the Gulfstream: $1,800.

How long did it take for the perp to ransack seven vehicles, bust a rear window, and rip out a dash-mounted television? "`The surveillance tape` showed a time of 8:41 p.m. when the suspect entered the property and 9:45 p.m. when he exited the property," reports state.


June 5, 12:24 a.m.: Officer Santelises responded to the Cumberland Farms gas station at the intersection of Fredricka Avenue and Curry Ford Road in reference to an armed robbery. He met with a 48-year-old victim who told the officer he was walking eastbound on the 4200 block of Curry Ford Road when he noticed "three black males walking behind him." The victim crossed the street and the perps followed. By then the victim knew something was up, but it was too late. According to police reports, one of the perps "pulled out a small caliber revolver, silver in color, stating to the victim, ‘Hand it over, come on with your money.'"

The victim paused and the suspects pummeled him.

Suspect No. 1 kicked the victim in the back and knocked him to the ground, the other two suspects kicked the victim while he was down; he sustained a laceration to his right ear from the skirmish. It was at this point our victim reluctantly handed over his wallet. The suspects fled west; the victim fled east to the gas station and called police. He told police "that his wallet is a yellow Velcro covered wallet with an M&M symbol on it. The victim advised that in the wallet he had a Bank of America Visa check card and nothing else. The victim valued the wallet at $60."


June 6, 9:59 a.m.: If you plan to make yourself at home, you should probably purchase or rent the home first.

Officers Spagnola and Correia arrived at Regency Garden Apartments in the 4300 block of Perkinshire Lane to meet with our 45-year-old complainant in reference to a commercial burglary. The complainant told police that her supervisor of maintenance was conducting a building inspection when he happened upon a room that was locked from the inside. Suspecting something was up, the super kicked in the door (estimated damage: $500). Once inside, the super and complainant put the pieces together and figured out what was going on. It appears that sometime between 5:30 p.m. June 5 and 10 a.m. June 6 unknown suspect(s) cut a hole in the screened-in patio, crawled through the hole onto the patio, and then entered the dwelling through an unlocked patio door.

"Once inside the apartment, the suspect(s) entered the kitchen … located a container of rice along with a saucepan, which had been placed in a cabinet just west of the stove. The suspect(s) cooked the rice and served the rice on the plates, which were already arranged on the kitchen table. Suspect(s) also appeared to have used the drinking glasses that were also on the table, as there were lip marks and fingerprints on the glasses. Suspect(s) also entered the master bedroom … where they pulled the comforter and sheets back from the bed."

Waiflike, but what's eerie is the "colorless stain on the carpet, which led from the bed to the master bedroom toilet." Ectoplasm? The entity(ies) appears to have exited the same way he/she/they/it came in. Damage to screen and carpet is estimated at $700.

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