SEPT. 12, 7:43 P.M.: People sure can be stubborn. Having a revolver pressed against your skull, however, helps loosen them up sometimes.

This evening’s case takes us to the 100 block of West Compton Avenue, where a 23-year-old girl relaxed in her bedroom until she noticed an old amigo hanging outside her homestead. She wandered outdoors, where she got into a “verbal argument” about the bling dangling around her neck, police reports state.

The woman’s acquaintance, a 35-year-old male, heatedly demanded the return of the dazzling gold chains. But she refused. “No, you gave it to me,” she said.

Our bijou-seeking beau then walked up to the girl and jerked the prized jewels right off her neck. Next, he nestled the barrel of a “chrome revolver to her head and told her that he would shoot her in head,” police reports state.

He didn’t pull the trigger. But he did skedaddle, $200 worth of gold strands in hand.

SEPT. 14, 8:50 A.M.: It seems that wherever an under-construction home or business sits, a snoopy suspect isn’t far.

Police officers discovered some thievery today at an airport business center – currently under construction, go figure – in the 8400 block of Boggy Creek Road. It appears as if a prowling perp or perps unknown gained entrance through an open doorway. They weren’t there to swipe wiring, air-conditioning units or other construction-site favorites. Instead they “removed 13 aluminum window frames, which weigh approximately 35 pounds apiece,” police reports state.

That’s 455 pounds of window framing that will have to be replaced. Must have been some ripped burglars.

SEPT. 15, 12:42 A.M.: A hazel-eyed man, 34, strolled near the intersection of West Kaley Street and South Division Avenue tonight. His walk came to a halt, however, when some shirtless dude sporting nothing but beige britches, probably 35 or 36 years old, came across his path.

What did pants man want? Money, of course. He commanded our midnight walker to relinquish all cash. The victim said he didn’t have any money, and was rewarded with a hearty smack in the face. Then pants man helped himself to $3.75 from the victim’s pocket. “If you call the police,” the suspect stated in police reports, “I’m gonna get you.”

Warning heeded. Rather than going straight to the popos, our victim stopped by a nearby gas station where he likes “to buy noodles,” reports add. He took his noodles and continued walking until – whaddaya know? – the same shirtless dude appeared underneath the I-4 underpass. Again he asked for loot, again noodle boy claimed he was broke, again it wasn’t exactly true. This time, approximately $1.25 was extracted from his wallet.

Before peacin’ out, our suspect left his victim with a few familiar words: “If you call the police, I’m gonna get you,” reports state.

SEPT. 15, 5:04 A.M.: Beware, caffeine addicts: Morning pit stops for fresh-brewed coffee don’t always end up hot.

Early this morning, a 36-year-old lady and her work buddy chose to stop by a convenience store in the 4300 block of North Pine Hills Road for some bean indulgence.

They filled their cups full o’ piping java, walked back outside and didn’t move a step further. An 18-year-old man crept out of the darkness and stood smack-dab in their pathway. Dressed from head to toe in black, this young man desired a single greenback.

He “asked for $1,” police reports state, and got precisely what he wanted from the nice lady “as she reached in her shirt pocket and gave it to him.” She should’ve saved that buck for Starbucks. The panhandler was so pleased she’d complied that he asked for her whole dang purse. He also made it a point to peekaboo what appeared to be a handgun grip from his own pocket.

The woman took off screaming, and the suspect fled too, running north on Pine Hills Road.

SEPT. 16, 8:44 P.M.: We couldn’t wrap this week’s beat without spotlighting an oddball burglar in search of random car parts, could we?

The booty tonight was located inside the locked, fenced-in parking lot of a feed store in the 900 block of West Church Street. The suspect(s) skimmed straight past the horses’ pellet grain mix and targeted a jade-colored Ford pickup truck. Next, our suspect or suspects “removed the right front rim and tire” from the automobile, police reports state. “The vehicle was unlocked and there were no other signs of damage or missing parts,” police reports state.

Very specific theft there. It will cost approximately $500 to make the tri-wheeled truck drivable again, reports add.

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