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Dec. 16

(2009-594702) 9 a.m.: Sometime in the previous four days, somebody got over the fence at Infrastructure Corporation of America on McCoy Road and took a big spool of copper wire.

(2009-593414) 8:06 p.m.: Three guys gave a woman a ride from Fort Lauderdale to the Greyhound station on North John Young Parkway, but then pushed her out and took her medicine, money and cell phone.

(KPD) 10 p.m.: Police on a shots-fired call on Tarpon Street found a man dead in the road, and the next day they arrested someone based on a Crimeline phone tip.

Dec. 17

(2009-594994) 10:30 a.m.: Only in winter would the possible weeklong absence of air conditioning go unnoticed at an office furniture store on East Colonial Drive. Sometime in that stretch, the copper tubes disappeared from three rooftop units there.

(2009-594647) 12:52 p.m.: When Officer Karey Johnson answered an assault complaint at Metro Place Apartments on South Kirkman Road, a woman "became belligerent," slapped and swung at him. So he Tased and arrested her.

(2009-595331) 7:57 p.m.: "During a traffic stop the driver of a vehicle stated that his firearm would be used to ‘whack a cop,'" Officer Brian Wilks tells us.

(2009-595392) 8:40 p.m.: A guy got off a Greyhound bus at the North John Young Parkway stop, just going to grab a drink at the nearby Shell gas station. Then three guys walked up, one punched him in the nose, and they took $43. Apparently, however, these weren't the same three who roughed up a woman there the day before.

(2009-595713) 11:36 p.m.: Someone busted in the back door of the Hip Hop & Suit Fashion store on South Goldwyn Avenue, and busted out with $23,000 in clothes.

Dec. 18

(2009-596457) 11:10 a.m.: Orlando police played perp pong on an East Washington Street burglary call. When they hit the address, officers were told the suspect could be found at home on Price Avenue. Going there, they heard he'd left again, but a few minutes later, police found him back at the East Washington Street house, standing in the driveway and yelling at the apparent victim. He was arrested.

(2009-596536) 12:10 p.m.: Three men with bookbags came in the window at a Ventura Avenue house, taking a Nintendo Wii and a DVD player as a kid hid in the closet.

(2009-597108) 7:36 p.m.: First came a theft call from Babies R Us on East Colonial Drive. Then the traffic stop at the corner of North Orange Blossom Trail. Then the discovery of $4,550 in stolen video games, anti-shoplifting devices, marijuana — and, uh, hubcaps. Finally, the arrest of two men and a woman.

(2009-597371) 10:53 p.m.: A Hungry Howie's pizza driver said four guys robbed him on Xavior Avenue at Royal Isle Apartments. Three of them were quickly arrested, and charges were to be filed on the fourth.

Dec. 19

(2009-597994) 8:21 a.m.: The joke backfired for a man on Summeroak Street when his neighbor — and city police — took his fake bomb seriously. The arrestee said he made it from a cell phone charger and put it by his neighbor's door as a prank.

(2009-598873) 9 p.m.: The car swiped from Timber Sound Apartments on Raleigh Street quickly turned up less than two miles away at Lexington Park Apartments on Westgate Drive, along with two 15-year-olds, who were arrested.

(KPD) 11:15 p.m.: Grinches smashed a window and stole Christmas presents from two children on Browning Circle, but Kissimmee police took up an internal collection, got donations from Publix and Home Depot, and contributed $400 to rescue the holiday. Aww.

(2009-599082) 11:30 p.m.: A guy said he was robbed by two black-clad men wielding an AK-47, who took his wallet and cell phone, then fled down Jacobs Place — but nah, he doesn't want to press charges or anything. Hmm.

Dec. 20

(2009-599674) 11:40 a.m.: Beware of fake firemen. From a vehicle at Trotters Park on Lee Road, someone took a wallet with credit cards and Reedy Creek Fire Department ID.

(2009-599905) 4:30 p.m.: Some guy walked into a Willow Bend apartment on Silver Star Road and shot three people — killing two — then left.

Dec. 21

(OCSO) 4:30 p.m.: An argument on Dorwood Drive turned into a shooting, sending one man to the hospital and the other to jail.

(2009-601459) 6:45 p.m.: Four gunshots were fired out the window of a car on Rosewood Way. Police found four .22-caliber shell casings, but apparently nobody was hit.

(2009-601606) 8:57 p.m.: Cops saw two guys running from the parking lot at Lakeside Behavioral Healthcare on Mercy Drive. Turns out one teenager had just robbed an employee who was getting out of her car. He was arrested.

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