Police Beat

Feb. 3

(2010-55812) 10:36 a.m.: Don't leave $8,000 worth of jewelry and "other items" lying around, even at home, or someone might steal them — like they did from a house in the 4800 block of Norwalk Place.

(2010-56212) 7 p.m.: Look out for two air conditioners removed from a building in the 1100 block of South Division Avenue. Belying their intended function, they're hot.

Feb. 5

(2010-59289) 10:31 a.m.: Classic storytelling. Setup: A woman stands at a bus stop in the 5600 block of Gatlin Avenue. Conflict: A guy pushes her down, snatches her purse and flees in a car. Resolution: A witness sees where he goes, police grab him, and the woman gets some of her stuff back.

(2010-59934) 6:15 p.m.: A woman reported being assaulted with a weapon by a man with long dreadlocks and a woman with a purple Mohawk. They left the 3300 block of Vineland Road in a brass-colored Chevy Impala, but despite their conspicuousness, police couldn't spot them.

(2010-60059) 8 p.m.: An apartment in Middlebrook Farms on Middlebrook Road lost a big flat-screen TV and a big coin jar (total value about $725), but there was no sign of forced entry.

Feb. 6

(2010-60887) 6:37 a.m.: Two guys dressed in black grabbed $400 out of a woman's hand in the 600 block of Columbia Street and ran. One was later arrested.

(2010-61292) Noon: While searching a man's apartment in the 1200 block of South Parramore Avenue on a robbery warrant, police found 459 grams of pot packaged for sale.

(2010-63933) 2:45 p.m.: Two guys in work clothes casually took their pick from a fenced scrap yard and two storage trailers at Central Roofing Supply on North Orange Blossom Trail. They tossed the stuff over the wall to a guy waiting in a pickup with a camper top. "This is the third burglary to this business in the past two months," Officer Leslie Deferrari reported.

(2010-61439) 4:08 p.m.: Someone broke a house window in the 4600 block of Miramar Road and took stuff, including a semiautomatic pistol.

(2010-61457) 4:50 p.m.: Four girls, ages 9 to 12, were arrested for doing $1,000 in damage to a portable building at Ivey Lane Elementary School on Silverton Street.

(2010-61541) 6:18 p.m.: Police did a drug buy and arrested a guy in the 2800 block of South Orange Avenue with 100 oxycodone pills and several other prescription drugs.

(2010-62849) 10:40 p.m.: When a man answered his door at Stone Mill Run Apartments on Curry Ford Road, two guys pushed in, slapped him around and took a bunch of prescription medication.

(2010-62043) 11:55 p.m.: A guy already in trouble for a domestic disturbance at Maxwell Terrace Apartments on West Arlington Street rushed back into his apartment, shoved a cop and threw his own television onto the floor.

Feb. 7

(2010-62324) 2:40 a.m.: The creep of the week was arrested after an incident at Panino's Pizza & Grill on South Orange Avenue. Police said he grabbed a woman's "buttox area" twice, "with digital/anal penetration occurring."

(2010-62570) 9:50 a.m.: The Lord didn't help a man who decided to help himself at the Callahan Center on North Parramore Avenue. He claimed to be deaf and asked churchgoers there for money — but when they directed him to the next room, he shoved a woman and grabbed $10 from the offering table. "The defendant was apprehended by church members. The defendant is not deaf," Officer Larry Kamphaus reported.

(2010-62709) Noon: Club Lux on International Drive had something very valuable. Had. Someone did $50,000 of damage to the place and took off with the unnamed property in a Budget rental truck. Whatever the loot was, it's worth more than $100,000.

(2010-63135) 8:35 p.m.: It takes a special kind of stupid to mug a security guard. Said guard was in his car in the 600 block of North John Young Parkway when a guy in a hoodie and sweats came up waving a gun. So the guard pulled his own gun and squeezed off a shot. Einstein the mugger finally wised up and ran.

Feb. 8

(OCSO) 10:29 a.m.: A man was playing with his 3-year-old son in the backyard on the 2700 block of Coral Reef Drive when a pitbull charged up and bit the boy in the face. The dog tried to attack sheriff's deputies too, so they shot it. The dog's owner is unknown.

(2010-64301) 2 p.m.: Someone pried open the front door of an apartment used for the "Monster Club" business in the Villages at Millenia on Millenia Boulevard. They took food and candy.

(2010-65008) 2 p.m.: Again, somebody got into a unit at Middlebrook Farms Apartment on Middlebrook Road somehow and took some unnamed stuff. Your guess is as good as ours.

(2010-64915) 11:36 p.m.: Four guys were driving along Lee Vista Boulevard in two vehicles when a white GMC van started swerving close to them. The men heard five gunshots, but couldn't see anyone. The van took off, and they lost sight of it around Hoffner Avenue and South Semoran Boulevard.

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