Police Beat

Feb. 10

(2010-70870) 7:30 p.m.: There's petty crime, and then there's low-down dirty crime. A 60-year-old blind man was standing outside his apartment in the 6100 block of Westgate Drive, waiting for a cab and holding his luggage. Sure enough, someone was low enough to jab him with what may have been a gun and steal his bag.

Feb. 11

(2010-69968) 10:30 a.m.: A family was asleep at home in the 500 block of Hibiscus Way as a burglar crept in the kitchen window and took $1,500 in gold jewelry — from the bedroom, no less.

(2010-70043) 9:16 p.m.: A man asked for a bottle of gin at the Walgreens liquor store on North Lane — then revealed he had a gun in his pants and asked for money too. He got more than $400 in the bag with his gin. Police dogs tracked him only as far as the Center for Drug Free Living, a block away.

Feb. 12

(2010-70795) 5 a.m.: Somebody broke out a french door on a locked-but-empty house in the 10 block of South Summerlin Avenue, rummaged around, and left with a TV and computers worth $3,900.

(2010-70745) 8:30 a.m.: More of the same: Residents sleep in an apartment in the 7300 block of Westpointe Boulevard while someone breaks a window (quietly, somehow, we're guessing) and takes off with a computer keyboard and monitor.

(2010-74085) 9 a.m.: Over in the 8700 block of Saratoga Inlet Drive, somebody cut the security chain on a Suzuki motorcycle, "defeated" the alarm and zoomed off.

Feb. 13

(2010-73027) 5:05 p.m.: Three guys, one of them waving some gun or other, mugged a fourth at the Big B Food Store on South Westmoreland Drive. They took $80 and ran off toward Orange Blossom Trail.

Feb. 14

(2010-73644) 12:31 a.m.: A would-be mugger pulled out "something shiny" and told a man on the 700 block of West Livingston Street to "give me what you got." OK. What the intended victim had was a box cutter, and when he started swinging that, the mugger ran.

(2010-75844) 1:11 a.m.: Someone pried open a steel wall panel at Brothers Scrap Metal on South Norton Avenue, took a bunch of scrap metal and left through the same hole.

(2010-74914) 10:47 p.m.: While making a delivery at the Fountains Apartments on Augusta National Drive, a Broadway Pizza delivery guy was robbed at gunpoint. Three muggers took his cell phone and the pizza.

Feb. 15

(2010-75447) 5:23 a.m.: Cops got called to NorthBridge Apartments on Brighton Park Lane when a guy with a gun was beating on an apartment door. They found the door-banger not only had a .380 handgun, but was on probation for prior felony convictions. He was arrested.

(2010-75500) 7:30 a.m.: Crime strikes Park North at Cheney Place on Orange Avenue. Someone broke into the computer room, vandalized a desk chair and left.

(2010-75562) 10:25 a.m.: Theft tip of the week: Go where there's good stuff and people think they're safe. Mindful of that rule, a car burglar checked out three vehicles at Ventura Country Club on Cottage Grove Court. Only one was supposedly locked, but even it had no signs of forced entry. The owners' lesson was driven home by the loss of a wallet, cash and GPS device.

(2010-76379) 7:59 p.m.: Revenge! After being burgled on Valentine's Day, the owner of Brothers Scrap Metal on South Norton Avenue was vigilant. Open eyes paid off; police arrested a man hiding inside a wall panel, having already stashed copper wire for later removal.

(2010-76434) 9:05 p.m.: What is it with armed robbers working in threes? Are they scared to go out alone, or do they take turns holding the gun? This time, three pulled a caper at Sky Pines Apartments on North Lane, and one victim was shot in the leg.

Feb. 16

(2010-77828) 5:15 p.m.: Too weird for OPD: Somebody called to report a case of "road rage" and battery, adding that the targeted driver was known to carry a gun. Police stopped a vehicle in the 5300 block of International Drive and quickly found themselves dealing with 10 people — the total from the suspect's car and the person's who made the initial call. Then even more people showed up from Tangelo Park, where the whole fracas apparently started, and police called for crowd control backup. Finally, they turned the whole mess over to the Orange County Sheriff's Office to sort out.

(Kissimmee PD) 8 p.m.: A 40-year-old registered sex offender was wanted for sexual battery on a 60-year-old woman in the Lakeside subdivision. During the attack he threatened to kill her and swung a knife, cutting her arm. She escaped and he ran, later taking a cab to Orlando, where Orange County sheriff's deputies picked him up.

Feb. 17

(2010-78485) 1:59 a.m.: A man said another guy, one with a handgun, robbed him at an apartment in 5500 block of Arnold Palmer Drive. He took cash and a cell phone, and drove off in a gold Buick.

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